How to manage financial communications in a way that will meet, and exceed, client expectations

The investment advisor is usually the initial and primary client contact and thus, first source of communication. However, during the customer lifecycle with the business, regular client communication is necessary to evolve and manage the client/advisor relationship, as well as meet client communication expectations.

The communication types include onboarding, compliance, marketing, account management, etc. and they can be executed through a variety of digital channels or by physical mailings.

Listen to this podcast to discover why it’s important to engage clients effectively at the many key touchpoints along their journey with your organization. As well as why it’s imperative that you get to know your clients and understand their individual needs.

Personalization is key, as is regular communications via your client’s channel of choice. This will help ensure a great client experience, which is essential for competitive differentiation in today’s dynamic financial landscape.

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Meet the Presenters:


Scott Stathis and Bob Mittel 

Discussion Guests: 

  • Anna Hockett – Sr National Account Executive at Doxim 
  • Scott Orr – VP Strategic Accounts at Doxim 
  • Don Clark – Regional Manager at Wintrust 
  • Teo Trandafir – Director, Investment Services at UW Credit Union 

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Band:  (Nick Simpson) 

Song: SSRI 

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Andrew Kokoska Appointed as Doxim’s New Chief Financial Officer

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