Doxim Brings Accessible Documents to CCM Omni-Channel Communications

Doxim’s Industry-Leading CCM Platform delivers Document Accessibility Compliance Across All Communications

Detroit, December 14, 2020 – Doxim® (, the leading customer communications management (CCM) and engagement technology provider serving financial and regulated markets, today announced its comprehensive Doxim Accessibility solution, an integral part of the Doxim CCM platform, designed to support clients’ accessibility compliance initiatives.

Ensuring that communications are accessible to people with disabilities is not only a moral imperative, it is also a legal requirement across North America. Transactional communications and documents, such as financial statements, bills, tax documents and others, need to be produced on time and at scale for millions of recipients, and present one of the key challenges when it comes to accessible communications. To ensure such communications are compliant, organizations need a technology partner capable of providing a variety of compliant formats, reliably and in a cost-effective way.

To address the need for regulated accessible communications, Doxim provides an accessibility solution, enabling compliance in a seamless and cost-effective way. Doxim offers an all-in-one partnership that can help organizations provide personalized communications at scale including accessible documents.

“As organizations recognize that customer experience (CX) is critical to their long-term success, providing an equal level of service to all customers is not an option, it is a must. Couple the strategic importance of equal access to communications and critical documents with current uncompromising legislation, and you find your organization in a situation when you have to act fast to be compliant,” said Mike Rogalski, President and CEO of Doxim. “To assist, Doxim designed our Doxim Accessibility solution in a way that can bring clients into compliance quickly, without burdening them with additional infrastructure or IT requirements.”

Doxim’s Accessibility solution features the following capabilities and benefits:

  • Digital document accessibility: accessible PDF and HTML documents
  • Accessible physical formats: large print and Braille
  • Accessible end consumer online portals
  • Complete solution from template development to accessible statement composition, production, and delivery via digital channels and mail
  • Creation of accessible documents at scale based on compliant and tested templates meeting WCAG 2.0 AA standards

“We are fully committed to deliver a complete range of CCM solutions to our clients to support their digitization initiatives in a compliant and scalable way” continued Rogalski. “Doxim CCM’s unique value is in our ability to manage the entire scope and complexity associated with regulated documents and communications – from data processing to creation and omnichannel delivery. We encourage clients to outsource their technology requirements and execution to Doxim, so they can focus on their core business; delivering the best customer experience to all customers, including customers with disabilities.”

About Doxim

Doxim is the customer communications management and engagement technology leader serving financial and regulated markets, providing omnichannel document solutions and transforming experiences to strengthen engagement throughout the entire lifecycle. The Doxim Platform helps clients communicate reliably and effectively, improve cross-sell and upsell opportunities, and drive increased loyalty and wallet share through personalized communications. The platform addresses key digitization, operational efficiency, and customer experience challenges through our suite of plug-and-play, integrated, SaaS software and technology solutions. Learn more at

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