Doxim Provides Transformative Business Account Opening Experience with New Digital Solution, Available February 2022

Solution will offer bank and credit union business clients a seamless and convenient omnichannel account opening experience like that available to retail clients

Toronto, ON – December 8, 2021 Doxim, the leading customer communications management (CCM) and engagement technology provider serving financial and regulated markets, today announced the upcoming release of its Self-Service Business Account Opening solution.

Doxim first introduced a digital self-service solution for loan origination and account opening in 2020. Initially, the product included support for demand account and new customer onboarding. More recently the company has introduced loan, line of credit, and mortgage pre-approval functionality.

These solutions were launched in partnership with Mobetize, and the partnership will be expanded with the addition of Self-Service Business Account Opening. Mobetize will leverage Doxim’s APIs to enable direct integration with Doxim’s user-assisted account, loan, and commercial origination solutions, providing a seamless omnichannel experience.

In February of 2022 Doxim will add support for business accounts, providing a complete suite of digital origination solutions that is fully integrated, with shared data across the entire platform. The solution will include full integration to the client’s banking system. It will also offer advanced KYC, personal and business identity verification, plus funding, document sharing and digital signature support.

“Doxim is on a mission to make digital, frictionless banking a reality. Doxim embarked on this journey by helping credit unions and banks transform their banking experience with its Retail Self-Service solution,” explained VP, Product Management, Payments and CEM Sean Kennelly. “Now we are preparing to offer the same seamless and convenient account opening experience to business customers as well. Over 2 million new businesses have started in Canada since 2020, so providing a frictionless digital account onboarding process is a key driver for our credit union and bank customers. Our new solution will offer a seamless omnichannel experience for new businesses, existing sole proprietors, corporations, and cater to a variety of other business needs.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Doxim to simplify self-service origination for business banking products, further expanding our digital banking vision. The new Self-Service Business Account Opening solution provides credit union and banking clients with the ability to consume products with an Amazon style shopping experience through its unique marketplace design,” said CEO of Mobetize Ajay Hans.

“It also offers many other advantages, from AI based compliance risk management, to multiple business product support, ease of document management, real time funding capabilities, configurable product recommendations, and snapshot views of personal and business banking, enabling true dynamic data driven onboarding.”

Credit unions and banks seeking the competitive advantage provided by Doxim Self-Service Business Account Opening are invited to reach out to the company for a demo of the upcoming release.

About Doxim

Doxim is the customer communications management and engagement technology leader serving financial and regulated markets, providing omnichannel document and payment solutions that transform experiences to strengthen engagement throughout the entire lifecycle. The Doxim Platform helps clients communicate reliably and effectively, improve cross-sell and upsell opportunities, and drive increased loyalty and wallet share through personalized communications and easy-to-use payment processes. The platform addresses key digitization, operational efficiency, and customer experience challenges through our suite of plug-and-play, integrated, SaaS software and technology solutions. Learn more at

About Mobetize

Mobetize is on a mission to liberate banking by giving consumers the ability to bank how they want, when they want for what products they need. We are collaborating and empowering financial institutions to transform how financial services are delivered and consumed. Our banking marketplace solutions focus on digital first principles that enable partners and clients to deliver anytime, anywhere access for all types of financial services including from cross border payments to demand and lending origination.

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