Marketing Opportunity

Capturing Customers Through Marketing Opportunity

Leverage regular communications for high conversion marketing campaigns

Whether digital or printed, your regular communications with customers are the one communication vehicle you send out on a regular basis that you know will get read.

This makes them an ideal place to offer new products and services. But first, you have to get the offer really right.

Mass Marketing Gets Poor Results. It’s Time to Get Personal!

Your organization is sitting on terabytes of essential customer data. Mine that data for insights, match those insights to personalized offers, and put those targeted marketing ads where customer eyes will see them – right on their communications. It’s a surefire recipe for revenue growth.

At Doxim, we have been working with our customers for over 20 years to help drive marketing opportunity.  With our team of experts in statement design, html content delivery and analysis, campaign management, and omnichannel personalized communications, we can help as your transform your processes to capture customers through new marketing opportunities.

Targeted Ads

From Cost Center to Marketing Goldmine

In today’s competitive marketplace, no opportunity to sell and serve should be wasted. Often our communications are addressing a specific purpose - a statement, a bill, or education.  However there is unused white-space that is prime real estate for marketing opportunity. Place targeted, relevant marketing messages directly onto the regulated communications making them more valuable and a sales opportunity. Click to read more

End-to-End Campaign Visibility

Monitor your communication-based marketing campaign from click-through to conversion. Observe what works, tweak what doesn’t, so you are only running campaigns that get great results.  Even better, work with the Doxim Client Services team to execute your marketing campaigns with monthly changes with every statement cycle. Click to read more

Whitespace! - Make the Most of Your Marketing Opportunity

Whether print or digital, your standard communications such as statements, bills, letters and notices are critical to your consumers and have a high read rate.  That's why is a great avenue for marketing. We work with our customers to leverage the white-space in their regular communications to drive sales opportunity. Click to read more

Prevent Brand Deterioration and Improve CX

For many customers, monthly communications are the only regular communication they’ll have with an organization. Maximize your customers' experience, enhance the reader’s overall experience and improve their impression of your organization with colorful, well designed documents that respect brand standards.  From statement redesign, to HTML experiences, to full colour print and digital communications.  Continually exceed marketing expectation of customer experience.