Personalized Interactive Video:
Everything You Need to Know

Customers today are video super-consumers. In fact, the current global average for video watching is now 100 minutes a day!

Creating a personalized, interactive video message with content tailored to your customer is the perfect way to catch their attention, engage them, and drive action.

You can use data-driven, interactive personalized videos to increase engagement, boost upsell and cross-sell, educate customers about important topics, improve customer satisfaction, and much more. Read this guide to get started!

What Is a Personalized Video?

Videos are personalized in the same way an email or document is personalized. The individual’s data is inserted into a predefined workflow or template. This way, the video can address the recipient by name, provide information that is only relevant to that person, and take them on a customized journey.

Interactive capabilities let the viewer make selections to shape the flow of engagement — responding to questions, providing information (they can click a button or input data), and approving outcomes. The result is a highly personalized offer tailored to the viewer’s specific needs and choices. This is the digital, on-demand experience that consumers desire – and it also delivers excellent benefits to your operations and your bottom line.

Benefits of Personalized Video

Organizations that use interactive, personalized videos to enhance their customer experience can count on the following benefits:

Augment sales and service teams to reduce cost-per-sale/service, while still providing a great CX.

Get a measurable, improved return on investment (ROI) based on increased customer engagement, conversion, purchase, enrollment, etc.

Guide the customer on how to use other digital services, or connect with the appropriate customer service rep to resolve an issue before it escalates.

Gather in-depth information on how customers engage with the information in the video and use this information to refine future communications.

67% of customer churn is preventable if the issue is resolved at first touchpoint. Personalized, interactive videos proactively address churn triggers at every touchpoint.

Call center services cost approximately $1/minute. In contrast, personalized, interactive videos cost-effectively scale digital customer service, providing personalized support and interactive elements for self-serve customer care.

Types of Personalized Video

1. Introducing New Products

For many people, watching a video is a low-risk way to gather information, so it’s often easier to get a customer to watch a personalized video than to book an initial face-to-face meeting. Such videos can highlight specific product features and benefits of relevance to that prospect, demonstrating that your organization understands their needs and is committed to finding the right solution for them.

2. Onboarding and Product Tutorials
A positive customer experience begins from the first day of your relationship, and that requires providing a great onboarding experience. Personalized demos of your products or services build engagement and trust. By greeting customers by name, showing them only information that is relevant to their specific product or customer lifecycle stage, and concluding with appropriate next steps or resources, you demonstrate that you know and understand each individual customer, which helps strengthen your connection, boost customer satisfaction rates and prevent churn.
3. Follow-up and Upsell Videos

Personalized video is a great way to follow up after a purchase to show your appreciation for the customer. By demonstrating that you value their business and are committed to providing excellent customer service, you build a deeper connection. These videos can also be an effective way to offer additional product recommendations that complement what the customer has already purchased or to suggest relevant product promotions.

4. Statement or Bill Explainer Videos

Personalized video statements are a powerful way to explain data, point out areas of note, and build trust and loyalty with your customers. These videos provide an opportunity to add clarity to a complex l product while encouraging customers to take the desired actions.

5 Ways Personalized, Interactive Video Improves Customer Experience

1. It has the power to demystify the complex

Consider financial services, where a short, personalized, 60-second video can better explain the highlights of a 10-page statement in a short space of time, which keeps the customer engaged.

2. Increases conversions

For new and returning customers alike, personalized video is a great education tool. Because of its ability to effectively convey specific information that is relevant to the prospect, it outperforms other marketing assets and drives consumers to action.

94% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.

3. Conveys emotion and helps establish a personal connection

Emotion plays an incredible role in our buying decisions and in creating customer loyalty. Personalized video is the best channel to convey emotion and make a personal connection, both of which drive customer engagement. It can hit the right emotional cues, and establishes a connection with personalized content via a channel people prefer.

78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view online videos every day.

4. Provides a seamless, multichannel experience

Perhaps one of the most formidable uses of personalized video is its ability to create a smooth and consistent experience, no matter where customers engage with the organization. Personalized videos use your 1st party customer data to provide just the right level of personalization to ensure excellent engagement.

5. Grows and nurtures the customer relationship

Personalized, relevant communications make your customers feel understood, which in turn develops and grows strong customer relationships. Personalized video is not just a robust tool that eases and improves customer onboarding, it also helps achieve customer loyalty, beyond the purchase and throughout the customer lifecycle.

Personalized Video As Part of CCM Strategy

In today’s digital world, customers expect the delivery of their regulated documents to be wrapped in a broader customer experience, with engagement that is frequent, timely, and connected.

Your broader customer communications can complement your regulated document strategy by reminding the customer about upcoming activity, notifying them when it’s completed, and triggering follow-on communications. Formats like interactive, personalized video support greater interactivity, delivering an experience that is targeted, relevant and connected – for greater satisfaction, revenue generation, and reduced support calls throughout the communication lifecycle.

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