Email Marketing


Expand your omni-channel communications strategy with targeted email marketing

"With Doxim EMM, our total number of deposit accounts grew 24% and balances increased by $425K."


Email Marketing

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Learn how tracking your campaigns can increase your conversion rates, immediately and in the long term; how to determine which metrics matter most to you and how to use simple A/B testing to fine tune your email marketing.

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Trusted by hundreds of financial institutions, Doxim Email Marketing was custom built specifically for financial organizations, by people who know the industry.

Learn | Case Study InFirst Federal Credit Union Improves Cross Sell Initiatives
InFirst grew its total number of depost accounts by 24% and loan accounts by 190% while reducing its promotional marketing budget 40$.

Email Marketing
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Use Email More Effectively Throughout the Customer Lifecycle

Doxim Email Marketing provides automated tools and responsive templates to make email less labor-intensive. Create automated multi-step, trigger-based campaigns that reach selected segments of your audience with a series of complementary messages about how you can address their needs– dramatically increasing your response rates.

  • Purpose-built for financial services with expert support
  • Contact list management – CASL/CAN-SPAM Compliant
  • Responsive template design / template library
  • API third-party data integration
  • Dynamic data for personalization
  • A/B testing
  • Tracking & analytics
  • Clickable content to enhance customer engagement

Outsource Your Marketing Campaigns to our Team of Experts

Doxim Email Marketing is a robust, full-featured email marketing platform backed by email marketing experts, to assist you in the design, development, and execution of effective email marketing programs – that deliver results. With over 10 years of experience helping organizations perfect their email marketing, Doxim’s campaign implementation team is just a phone call away, poised to help you reach your email marketing goals. Access to their expertise is included in the price.

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Use Data to Enhance and Automate Campaigns

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Automated email reminders can be an easy way to take the burden of account administration off the shoulders of your employees. Doxim Email Marketing integrates with your core back office, CRM, MCIF, or other third-party systems, allowing you to automate email outreach for key customer-facing processes, like following up on delinquent payments, sending transactional confirmations, or encouraging customers to finish their incomplete loan applications.

Doxim Client Onboarding Features


Automate account transfers, simplifying and expediting this complex, time-sensitive process.



Expedite and simplify preparation and distribution—both online and in print—of client reports like trade confirmations and year-end documents.



Speed account opening by focusing on crucial questions. Intelligent questionnaires only prompt questions that are pertinent to the account and the individual opening it.


Get new accounts open and funded as soon as possible. Automated approval workflows prompt back-office staff to review new accounts in a timely fashion.



Get new accounts open and funded as soon as possible. Automated approval workflows prompt back-office staff to review new accounts in a timely fashion.