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From Paper to Paperless Account Opening

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Digital Account Opening

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Make time for goal-based conversation by reducing the number of steps taken to open an account by 70%. Go from ordinary to exceptional in as little as 8-12 weeks.

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Digitizing your onboarding is a sure-fire way to increase advisor productivity and save more than US $100,000 per thousand accounts opened. Read how to eliminate costly NIGO paperwork and more.

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See how this customer automated their manual client onboarding process to enable them to scale and grow their business while eliminating resource intensive processes.

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Modernize the Account Opening Process

Streamline and modernize your bank or credit union account opening processes with Doxim Account Opening. With support for in-branch, call center and customer-facing applications, it speeds the task of completing a new account application in just a few simple steps, in ten minutes or less.

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Make Time for Meaningful Conversation & Enhance Customer Experience

By managing all those repetitive form filling tasks for you, Doxim Account Opening allows you to have a real conversation with a new customer about their wishes, needs and aspirations. Why’s that so important? Because it sets you up with the customer intelligence you need to complete successful cross selling initiatives in the critical 90-day onboarding window that follows new customer acquisitions.  Minimize abandonment and maximize customer satisfaction with a faster, more efficient account opening process, whether customers are applying for new accounts in a branch, via your call center, or through a customer-facing application. And full e-signature support means that true paperless account opening finally becomes a reality, delighting customers and staff alike.

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Built-In ECM Functionality

Built-in ECM FunctionalityGive staff robust ECM functionality right from within Doxim CRM including generating crucial documents, secure storage, document search and compliance reporting.

Built-in Regulatory Checks

Ensure you complete all required checks to meet regulatory obligations; from acknowledging verifications against regulatory lists, to performing suspicious transaction reporting assessments, and documenting political exposure.

Business Messaging

Business MessagingEnable staff to connect with your customers securely through two-way email and text messaging while maintaining a complete communications history in one place.

Intelligent Data Reuse

Ask questions once then reuse the data automatically wherever it’s needed. Add in integrations with banking, credit bureau and CRM data and some questions never need to be asked again.

Mobile-Friendly Interface

Mobilize client-facing branch staff to open new accounts, paper-free at your customer’s convenience, with a tablet-friendly web-based interface that’s perfect for universal teller applications.

Omnichannel Account Opening

Omnichannel Account OpeningWith a direct integration to Doxim Self-Service Origination, your FI can deliver a cross-channel consistent experience wherein customers have the flexibility to seamlessly switch between online, in-branch, and mobile channels to complete an application.

One Central Source for Data

One central source for dataGet a more complete and actionable view of your business by aggregating together your disparate and incomplete legacy data sources into one centralized data warehouse.

Open Any Account Type

Open any account type, from basic checking and savings accounts to term deposits and registered contracts, for individuals, joint account holders, youths, trusts and estates.

Umbrella Product Support

Save costs and increase wallet share, by opening multiple products in a single pass. Add in Doxim Loan Origination and you can also process loan applications at the same time.