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Offer a superior customer experience during the loan application process with Doxim Loan Origination. This tool not only streamlines loan origination into 5 easy steps but also offers loan decisioning support, and automatically generates loan-related documentation, so your lenders can focus on building relationships rather than paperwork.

Streamlined, Mobile Lending

Improve your customer experience with paperless digital lending. Your lenders can meet with customers to apply for loans anytime, anywhere, using our mobile-friendly interface and integrated e-signature capabilities. And they’ll be able to complete the lending process, from application and credit scoring to document generation and funding in just five quick steps.

Sell More Loans

Grow your loan portfolio and capture more wallet share. Our unique umbrella lending support allows lenders to sell multiple connected loans during a single application and secure them all with common collateral. And full CRM integration means that lenders can uncover customer needs during the lending process, then document them for future cross-sell, without ever leaving the loan origination system.

Make Your Lenders More Efficient

Take the grunt work out of loan origination with a tool that takes care of loan decisioning and avoids manual data entry by integrating to third-party systems and your back office. Lenders will be able to process more loans, faster, while avoiding costly errors. And they’ll be able to focus more attention on customer service as well.

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Doxim LOS Features


Mobile Paperless Lending

Mobilize your lenders and process loans paper-free at your customers’ convenience, anytime, anywhere with our new user-friendly interface and e-signature capability.


Automated Decision Engine

Lenders can make the right decision quickly and ensure compliance with credit policy by receiving a pass or fail loan funding recommendation based on a customizable lending matrix.


Umbrella Loan Support

Increase wallet share while reducing costs by processing multiple connected loans within a single application and securing them all with common collateral.


Enhanced Financial View

Give lenders a holistic view of your customer’s financial statements so they can make sophisticated lending decisions based on a complete understanding of the customer’s finances.


Intelligent Form Pre-Population

Easily pull data from your banking system and 3rd party loan-related service providers to pre-fill loan applications. This process reduces keying errors and speeds up loan fulfillment.


CRM Integration

Never miss a revenue opportunity. Document future lending needs uncovered during loan processing with the only loan origination system that integrates directly into a CRM.



8 LOS Features Credit Unions Need To Stay Competitive

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