CRM for Financial Services



“Doxim’s CRM solution is by far the best solution for a CRM system that PCCU could have hoped for. It offers power and flexibility beyond many competitors far above it’s price point and the support for their product is absolutely first rate.​”

- Prairie Centre Credit Union

Bigger, Better, Smarter CRM

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Make time for goal-based conversation by reducing the number of steps taken to open an account by 70%. Go from ordinary to exceptional in as little as 8-12 weeks.

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Doxim CRM+ is an integrated CRM Suite that includes the Doxim Business Analytics and Campaign Management solutions. Gather essential insights during every routine interaction from account opening, to service-related interactions in branch or over the phone.

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Conexus, Saskatchewan’s largest credit union, recognized that implementing a CRM solution across all branches and locations was essential to offering a consistently excellent member experience. Learn how Conexus experienced some great early benefits.


Form Customer Relationships that Last a Lifetime

Increased revenue starts with satisfied customers. Doxim’s financial services CRM software provides all staff with a complete view of customer information in a central source. Enable customer retention and success by putting actionable customer data right at staff members’ fingertips.

Customer service representatives can instantly access a record of every interaction a customer has had with staff members across all channels. This eliminates the need for customers to explain issues multiple times, and enables CSRs to resolve issues faster.

Why a CRM Built for Financial Services Matters

Drawing on our more than 20 years of industry experience, Doxim’s CRM software is built specifically to cater to the needs of financial institutions, such as banks and credit unions. The financial services industry is complex, but managing your customer relationships doesn’t have to be. Doxim CRM improves staff productivity, drives sales and marketing success, and helps increase customer loyalty.

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Engage Customers Wherever They Are

Engage with a new generation of customers by promoting the right products through the right channels. Doxim’s CRM for financial services allows targeting customers wherever they are: at the ATM, through your mobile app, or on your website. It also features an easy-to-use mobile app to empower staff with all required profile and portfolio information during off-site meetings.

With an omnichannel approach to customer service, sales, and marketing, you can grow profits while improving customer experience.

Identify Valuable Cross-Selling Opportunities

Stop losing out on revenue because cross-selling opportunities are being missed. With Doxim’s CRM, you can capture information about customer needs, identify the next best action for each customer, and match customer segments to personalized and automated marketing campaigns.

Simplify the process of uncovering cross-sell opportunities, make more targeted sales pitches, and send highly personalized marketing communications using data-driven CRM platform insights.

Doxim CRM screenshot showing portfolio summary

We successfully rolled out CRM to over 1,000 users and eliminated 11 reductant systems which had been used provide CRM functionality

- FirstWest Capital

Enhance Productivity and Minimize Costs

Enhance productivity and reduce waste by allowing staff members to focus their efforts on only the most important tasks:

  • Sales & Marketing - reduce the time spent targeting low-quality leads and instead focus on the customers who are most likely to respond.
  • Customer Service - spend less time resolving issues with centralized access to important interaction data—no more bouncing back and forth between legacy systems.

Doxim Client Onboarding Features

Icon: 360 Customer View

360⁰ Customer View

Provide a full customer snapshot at a glance, including financial data, current product holdings, and last service engagements.

Icon: Campaign & Pipeline Management

Campaign & Pipeline Management

Analyze and fine-tune sales pipeline and campaign performance, increasing conversion rates and revenue.

Icon: Campaign Workflow

Campaign Workflow

Build and trigger 1:1 multi-step, multi-channel campaigns for a more customer-centric approach to marketing.

Icon: Contact Management

Contact Management

View and document all customer engagements, across all touch points, so sales and service conversations can be picked up right where they left off.

Icon: Engagement Types

Engagement Types

Get a CRM with preconfigured customer engagement types that will drive productivity instantly, without the extra effort and cost to customize a generic CRM.

Icon: Household View

Household View

Get a complete understanding of the customer’s financial situation as part of the larger picture of a financial “household” or economic micro-community.


One Central Source For Data

Get a more complete and actionable view of your business by aggregating together your disparate and incomplete legacy data sources into one centralized data warehouse.

Icon: Sales Tracking

Sales Tracking

Understand and manage staff sales performance. Reward top performers, and coach those who aren’t selling effectively.