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How-Communication-Drives-Digital-Banking-Transformation-and-Maximizes-Customer-Lifetime-Value webinar


How Communication Drives Digital Banking Transformation and Maximizes Customer Lifetime Value

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The pre-pandemic customer is not the same customer that your financial institution is serving now. Their expectations in terms of service and engagement have changed significantly over the past year. We have also seen the acceleration of existing digital communication trends, which are now proving to be more permanent.

Watch this webinar with Jim Marous from The Financial Brand, Mia Papanicolaou and Elizabeth Stephen from Doxim to learn why banks and credit unions need to make digital banking transformation their number one priority and how digital customer communications form a key part of this transformation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding key drivers of increased and expanded customer needs and expectations
  • Implementing micro-changes in your communications can make a meaningful impact on the banking customer experience
  • Creating “sticky” experiences can increase customer loyalty & wallet share
  • A comprehensive digital customer communication solution addresses the needs of banking customers and also creates a personalized experience at every touchpoint

Doxim is the customer communications management and engagement technology leader serving highly regulated markets, including financial services, utilities and healthcare. We provide omnichannel document and payment solutions that transform experiences and strengthen engagement throughout the entire lifecycle.

The Doxim Platform helps clients communicate reliably and effectively, improves cross-sell and upsell opportunities, and drives increased loyalty and wallet share through personalized communications and easy-to-use payment processes. The platform addresses key digitization, operational efficiency, and customer experience challenges through our suite of plug-and-play, integrated, SaaS software and technology solutions. Learn more at

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