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Change Your Payment Solution Without Impacting Your Customers

About the Event:

Presented with Louisville Water Company,
a live case-study format where you will learn:

  • How your payment process impacts customer satisfaction
  • What to consider when selecting and implementing a new payment solution
  • How your payment solution can increase customer experience

It can be tempting to “stick with what you know” because of the impact change brings to your utility and to your customers. How do you initiate changing your payment solution without impacting your customers? Louisville Water Company has learned firsthand why you need to take the extra time and planning to ensure customers are not negatively impacted during a change. However, the conversion experience was not easy – they were able to get a fresh start with their payment processing and also discovered issues that they may have never known about. Learn from Louisville Water’s conversion experience and how Utilitec supported them through their project management skills and post-go live support.

Meet the Presenters:


Erin Romo

VP – Utilities Vertical

Meghan Starnes

Customer Service
Louisville Water Company

About Doxim:

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