The Do’s And Dont's Of Communicating Throughout The CRM Project Lifecycle.

The Do’s And Dont's Of Communicating Throughout The CRM Project Lifecycle.

Online LoansCRM implementation for your credit union doesn’t need to be daunting. Yes, there can be many internal stakeholders to build buy-in from and communicate with. But, relax, it’s been done before.


Here are some simple do’s and don’ts to help you keep everyone engaged:

  • DO communicate the duty of project champions. Communicate the responsibility and accountability
    of being seen in the office as championing the CRM project. Project champions communicate the
    vision for CRM, articulate overall objectives, and set accountability, including for themselves. It’s a big
    responsibility, and an ongoing one. Don’t just expect them to carry the ball without knowing what it
  • DO encourage collaborative planning. Make sure that all process stakeholders contribute to the CRM
    roadmap and are accountable to it. Start having cross-functional team meetings early to establish where
    planning gaps may occur and expectations are not aligned. A CRM project affects all departments.
    Don’t make the faulty assumption that CRM is only a new application for IT to implement.
  • DO engage front-line service staff early. Build buy-in from the bottom up as much as possible. The
    success of your CRM program will hinge on the adoption of the CRM processes and applications by
    your front-line service team, so engage them early. They may surprise you with their insights into how
    your credit union actually runs. Don’t engage them after your roadmap has been built.
  • DO visibly respond and incorporate feedback. Ensure all of your stakeholders are engaged,
    committed and accountable by welcoming their input and visibly incorporating it. Talk to your
    employees about what matters to them in the project lifecycle and make them feel part of it.
  • DO celebrate milestones. Acknowledge your team’s efforts by celebrating smaller milestones during
    the CRM rollout. Take opportunities to recognize your CRM Champions at all levels of the credit
    union. DON’T stop communicating when the system is in place. Share successes like an increase in
    member satisfaction, or anecdotes about how well the system is working or how a tweak suggested by
    an employee made it work better.

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