Ten Simple Boxes To Check Before You Implement Your CRM Project

Ten Simple Boxes To Check Before You Implement Your CRM Project

How To Create A CRM Road-Map That Everyone Can UnderstandBefore you get started on implementing CRM at your credit union, you’ll want to do a cross organizational readiness check. This is critical to make sure the project goes smoothly and delivers on its promise.

  • Operational Goals: Make sure you’ve clearly identified and communicated what the CRM solution will do for your credit union, and how it will support your broader member experience strategy.
  • Performance Metrics: Ensure you have your key ROI criteria clearly defined, agreed and understood – both for the pilot project(s) and for the broader roll out.
  • Benchmarks: Check that the “before” picture has been established so you can track success over time. Document the performance factors you will measure and record. Plan to start reporting on these regularly before, during and after implementation.
  • Communications Plan: Make sure your messaging plan will effectively communicate the ongoing value of the CRM project across the whole organization. Include quick wins that will promote ongoing support among employees and the management team. Keep the communications going until all users have transitioned to CRM as their go-to platform.
  • Technical Readiness: Check that all the technical homework is completed. You need an experienced team to work on the data cleansing and migration, and other technical issues. Have a clear process in place for implementation troubleshooting.
  • Systems Check: Ensure all the relevant internal and external systems that will need to be integrated with CRM have been identified and are included in the overall implementation plan.
  • Executive Sponsors: Confirm that all the executive(s) who will own and champion the project are ready to go, understand their roles and responsibilities and will actively support the project from beginning to end.
  • Championship Team: Make sure all the project stakeholders are freed up for early and frequent engagement in the implementation process. Ensure they understand how to give feedback and the importance of sharing this with all parties.
  • Marketing Plan: Has the marketing department completed its planning and readiness? It’s critical they are ready to take advantage of data-driven decision-making, and to use improved member intelligence to enhance the effectiveness of its marketing efforts.
  • Training Schedule: Ensure this is completed, vetted and approved and the plan is sufficiently robust. Comprehensive role and scenario-based training will help your users adopt the technology more easily. Successful staff training is the most critical contributor to CRM success.

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