Doxim: Your Service Experts

Effective solution delivery requires collaboration every step of the way. When you choose Doxim, you get our commitment to assist in all aspects of the design, implementation, optimization and support of your Doxim solution.

With years of combined technology, industry and project management experience, Doxim’s professional services team is ready to help your organization leverage the power of our solutions. Whether it’s a straightforward implementation or a more complex integration, you can count on our skills, business knowledge and best practice implementation standards to ensure quality and consistency in every project we undertake.

New Client Needs Discovery

The first step in any good planning or design process is to carry out an initial needs analysis. This allows us to work with your team to clearly identify your business requirements and environment, to understand how the Doxim products and services you have chosen can best be implemented to meet these needs. This gives us a clear understanding of what is required, and we reflect these findings in a detailed requirements document, which acts as the foundation for the development of a comprehensive project plan. This same process is followed, whether it’s a major engagement that transforms how you operate or a minor update to your Doxim environment. As such, requirements gathering process can range from a multi-day on-site workshop to a phone call with subject matter experts.

Project Management

All of our Professional Service projects follow a standard methodology to ensure a quality implementation, regardless of size. This includes initial project scoping, statement of work (SOW), project plan and scheduled project reviews plus steering committee meetings. The project plan includes a clear explanation of each key project phase: definition, development, testing, implementation, deployment and training. The plan also clearly identifies all project milestones and the gated deliverables that will require approval and sign-off by the client.

Whether you’re a small brokerage firm, a mid-sized credit union or a big bank, our team’s singular focus is to get your solutions deployed fast and efficiently, from initial needs gathering to successful go live. Throughout the process we’ll work with your team and deliver an on-time, on-budget implementation that meets all of your requirements.

Upon project completion, we’ll provide you with access to a project feedback mechanism, so you can tell us how we did. It’s our way of holding ourselves accountable to our work, and enables us to continually improve the project management and delivery services we provide.