The Future of Business Banking Is Digital & It’s Here! Grow your business banking portfolio with instant end-to-end digital self-service business account opening software. Learn more


Grow Your Business Banking Portfolio With Instant End-To-End Digital Business Account Opening Software

The Future of Business Banking Is Digital & It’s Here Now

Ready to accelerate your business banking portfolio? Become the digital-first bank your customers have come to expect.

Acquire and convert business customers faster than ever with Doxim Self-Service Business Account Opening. Our state-of-the-art solution blends modern design with robust functionality to create an end-to-end business account opening solution that is ACTUALLY easy, intuitive and convenient to use.

Doxim self-service business account opening on laptop and mobile screen

The ROI of Digitizing Business Account Opening with Doxim

Create a frictionless user experience

Eliminate data errors and silos

Relieve staff from administrative burden

Consolidate disparate systems

Accelerate revenue

Image: Business accouting - Anytime, anywhere and any channel

Break Free from Branches and Take Banking Directly To Businesses

Your customers are online, are you? Expand your reach and grow your business banking portfolio with Doxim Self-Service Business Account Opening. Financial institutions can now offer businesses the convenience of banking 24/7, from anywhere, using the channel of their choice, whether it be online, mobile or in-branch.

With complete real-time integration between in-branch and self-service solutions, Doxim offers a full featured omnichannel account opening toolkit that eliminates the burden of multiple branch visits while delivering a consistent and unified experience across channels.


Fast, Simple, Mobile-First User Experience That Is Guaranteed To Convert

We’ve gone beyond the basic form-fill. Onboard new or existing businesses effortlessly with our no-hassle, stress-free paperless business account opening software that takes customers from application to real-time ID verification and authentication all the way through to funding in 10 minutes or less.

Our customer centric, mobile-first design is paired with intuitive features to create a best-in-class digital business account opening software:

  • Data error validation to remove friction and reduce application not-in-good-order rate
  • Amazon style shopping cart experience with multi-product support for easy navigation
  • Dynamic and data driven workflows based on business structure and policy to limit redundancy and save time
Image: Doxim Fast, Simple, Mobile-First User Experience
Doxim digital document management solution

Stop Losing Staff Productivity To Manual Document Management

Documents are at the heart of all business account opening processes, yet they are the root cause of delays in the onboarding process at most financial institutions. We understand the burden of managing 100s of documents, that’s why we’ve streamlined the document collection and review process. With our compliance driven document collection and secure uploader, you’ll never have missing paperwork!

  • In-app digital document bank that lets your customers quickly upload multiple documents
  • Single repository for on-going document maintenance
  • Instantly notify staff of new document uploads

Intelligent Cross-Sell To Deepen Relationships

We don’t just want you to open accounts but rather develop deeper, longer lasting relationships that increase the lifetime profitability of each customer. Therefore, along with creating a seamless first experience, we also enable businesses to quickly add additional value-added products and services before completing the account opening process.

Despite having a frictionless account opening process, abandonment happens. But not to worry, the lead details will be captured in real-time and automatically saved as a prospect for immediate follow-up.

Image: Intelligent cross sell feature
Image: ID verification feature

Security & Compliance Without The Friction

Compliance does not mean sacrificing customer experience. Doxim’s Self-Service Business Account Opening solution is designed to give you maximum amount of fraud protection and compliance without causing friction in the customer journey. Unlike many solutions in the marketplace which require manual intervention to ensure compliance and ID verification, Doxim leverages state-of-the art technology to provide instant verification.

  • Real-time ID and Business verification
  • Real-time KYB and KYC capture
  • Complete Anti-money laundering (AML) and FINTRAC compliance for all stakeholders
  • Domestic and Foreign Tax Compliance with FATCA & OECD data attestation for reporting purposes

Innovative Features That Check Off All The Boxes On Your Feature List

Open any account for any business type

Originate multiple retail and/or business accounts in a single flow

Omnichannel support to seamlessly switch between channel of choice

Real-time funding and approvals

Real-time ID and business verification

Real-time credit scoring and credit report generation

Self-Service document template management

Easy document upload and storage with the in-app document bank

Core banking integration

Customizable to meet FI branding requirements 

The Doxim Difference

Single Integrated All-In-One Origination Platform

End-To-End Digital Solution - From Application to Funding

Robust API Strategy


Choose Canada's Most Comprehensive Account Opening & Loan Origination Platform

Experience the power of an all-in-one origination solution

Doxim Self-Service Business Account is a module of Doxim Digital Origination, a powerful, integrated solution designed to meet all your origination needs through the whole customer journey

  • Centralized core lending services
  • Channel continuity
  • Standardized processes regardless of channels
  • Shared integrations
  • 360 view of the customer
  • Increase loan processing capacity