CXM Transformation: How Establishing a Single Source of Truth Can Help Businesses Build a Consolidated Communications Strategy

Customer communications management (CCM) is defined as the creation, management, and fulfillment of data-driven, omni-channel customer communications at scale. This market is currently undergoing a radical metamorphosis. Digitally savvy consumers are demanding instant access to personally relevant information and have little patience for generic messages or inefficient communications. In response, enterprises are working to craft coordinated communications strategies that transform their consumer messaging into one cohesive, interactive experience.

In this Doxim-sponsored white paper, we will first explore the forces behind the CCM market evolution by reviewing the findings of Aspire’s September 2019 survey research entitled, “The State of CCM-to-CXM Transformation”. Then, we will lay out the strategies enterprises must adopt to succeed in this new reality and highlight some of the fundamental obstacles to communications cohesion. Finally, we will explain how Doxim’s platform offering can give businesses the technology they need to centralize messaging and streamline workflow to the benefit of every B2C communications stakeholder.