Reaching Today’s Empowered Customers

Reaching Today’s Empowered Customers

There’s a lot of talk these days about how transforming the customer experience is the only way for financial institutions to survive and grow. And the truth is, today’s financial services customers are different from their predecessors, and financial institutions need to keep pace with their changing expectations.Transforming the customer experience means rethinking your customer service approach across all channels. Here are three places you could start:

  • Customers often come into the branch having already done their research, so you’ll have to give your staff the ability to go beyond basic discussions of products, and really get to know the customer’s circumstances. A 360 degree view of customer finances means that they’ll be able to uncover needs the customer doesn’t even know they have. This is where the true value of working with a bank or CU lies – so encourage your employees to offer holistic advice wherever possible.
  • In this digital world, customers have very strong channel preferences, and expect immediate access to information. Financial institutions need to get the information customers want into their hands or onto their mobile devices almost instantly, because these customers are likely to be shopping around while staff are getting product information together for them. Your traditional distribution channels may no longer be able to keep up, so it’s probably time to consider digital solutions, especially for your younger customers
  • Today’s financial service customers want proactive contact and advice, and they probably aren’t getting enough of it. Just having a great service experience waiting at the branch or office through your call centre isn’t sufficient – you are going to have to combine that with a broader outbound strategy. But modern customers are also very wary of being sold to, so your outbound communications will need to be timely, personalized, and relevant, and educational in tone.

A cost-effective omni-channel approach to customer experience excellence starts with the right tools and strategies. Contact us to learn how we can help!

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