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One Platform. One Price. Any Channel.

““Doxim delivers the full suite of printing services we need, so it becomes a one-stop shop for us! But even more importantly, their people are as committed to serving us as we are to serving our members."

SafeAmerica Credit Union


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Comprehensive Print and Digital Services

Doxim provides enterprise print and digital communications supported by its four state of the art print facilities across North America.  Supported by a full service Client Services organization, Doxim enables our clients to quickly adjust to support content changes, marketing opportunities, and document personalization.

Doxim understands that change is inevitable when it comes to customer communications. Therefore, it is imperative that changes be completed quickly and accurately. Doxim handles change requests with quality procedures, full testing, approvals and documented controls prior to production, so you can enjoy flexibility while staying fully compliant. If you prefer making changes yourself, our composition tools will allow for this as well.

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Transform Experience Through Omnichannel Design & Delivery

Doxim solutions allow creating customer-driven, attractive communications that will engage your customers throughout their entire journey, on any channel and device. Save up to 80% of design, approval and implementation time with a single design so flexible it adapts to every communication channel.

  • Flexibility and customization for design and composition
  • HTML, PDF, Print – design for the channel
  • Template-based design
  • Mobile responsive, ADA-compliancy
  • Interactive, enhanced with rich content
  • Enhance with existing digital assets
  • Leverage use of inserts, onserts, white space management
Customer statement displayed on various digital devices

Execution is Important, But So Is Security & Compliance

Whether you are managing your own communications execution in-house, or you are working with a service provider,  many organizations still have separate teams and systems dedicated to creating communications for print, mobile, email, and web, leading to operational inefficiency, high costs, inconsistency, and increased regulatory risk. Not only does Doxim utilize an integrated customer communications management technology platform to streamline the communications process and execution, but we do it all within a secure and compliant environment.


Tailor Your Document Structure & Content

  • Flexibility and customization  for design and composition
  • HTML, PDF, Print
  • Template based design for ePresentment
  • Accessible options
  • Latest technology for inserts, tracking, printing and digital production

Color Management

Color statements elevate your brand and drive engagement, and studies reveal that 54% more people will read a full-color document. With Doxim, you can send beautiful color statements and other documents affordably, driving growth with:

  • Full-color personalized, engaging marketing messages, right on the statement
  • Lower or zero traditional printing costs (say goodbye to pre-printed letterhead!)
  • Consistent brand experience for all your statements online and in print format