Payment made easy

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Customers want options to receive, view, and pay their utility bills. More importantly, they want the ability to move seamlessly between payment channels and methods as their needs and preferences change.

Our payment platform offers omni-channel solution and enables your customers with options to pay by web, mobile, IVR, kiosk, text, or email. We understand the importance of focusing on the total experience to successfully enhance your customer relationship. We value the synchronization and personalization of customer communication and are committed to delivering consistent, accurate, and timely payment information across all channels.

Our goal is to provide you the resources to give your customers a better billing and payment experience, We do this by initiating additional positive ways to engage with your customers, offering more transparency and insight to your customer’s experience, introducing new ways to increase your paperless adoption and increase customer satisfaction, and simplifying the billing and payment experience with customer-friendly interfaces and choices.

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Ways to Pay

Our proposed solution provides your customers with several options to manage their bill delivery and payment preferences. Customers can choose from a variety of channels to pay, including:

  • Online Self-Service Customer Portal
  • Guest Pay
  • CSR Entry
  • IVR
  • Kiosk
  • Pay by Text
  • Email & Text Notificaion
  • eBill (QuickPay)
  • PayNearMe

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hand holding mobile phone with pay button showing on screen as well as actual cash on top and credit card inserted on the side, all depicting mobile bill payment