New Doxim Ebook Helps Community Financial Institutions Understand and Combat the “Customer Experience Gap”

New Doxim Ebook Helps Community Financial Institutions Understand and Combat the “Customer Experience Gap”

Doxim (, a leading provider of customer engagement software for financial service organizations today announced the publication of a new eBook, “The Customer Experience Gap: The real threat for community banks and credit unions”.

This eBook is intended as a resource for community banks and credit unions that are contending with the changing competitive landscape of financial services, and, more importantly, the changing expectations of their customer bases.

“There’s a growing divide between the level of service consumers have come to expect from all their service providers and what they experience day to day with their primary financial institution,” said Sean O’Donovan, Doxim’s CMO. “Closing that gap is challenging for community financial institutions that don’t have the deep pockets or brand recognition of big banks, or the nimbleness of Fintech start-ups.”

O’Donovan points out, however, that Community Financial Institutions (CFIs) have advantages too; chiefly, a deeper relationship with their customers. “It’s a matter of taking what banks and credit unions already know about their customers and leveraging new digital channels to deliver consistently great experiences that keep those relationships intact,” he said. “It’s something they have to do – and do quickly – if they don’t want to see their customers melt away.”

According to CEB research, new technologies and fast-changing consumer behavior have reached a digital tipping point. Today’s customers want relevant information and offers from their PFIs via digital channels they can access on familiar devices. “Retail banks increasingly stand out as the only vital provider not demonstrating a rapidly growing understanding of customers’ needs or a precision in tailoring solutions to those needs…Outside of financial services, these customers regularly interact with providers that are highly individualized and instantly responsive.” (CEB, The Digital Tipping Point, 2016)

The Customer Experience Gap, examines the challenges that CFIs face in meeting customer expectations and provides insights into the actions required to close the Gap and protect and grow their customer bases.

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Doxim is a leading provider of SaaS-based customer engagement solutions for banks, credit unions, and wealth management firms. The Doxim Customer Engagement Platform helps financial institutions transform their client experience, communicate more effectively throughout the client lifecycle and improve cross sell and upsell activities that drive increased wallet share. The platform addresses key digitization challenges, from automated client onboarding, through improved, personalized communications to anytime, anywhere content access, tailored to a client’s channel preferences. This eliminates costly traditional paper-based, manual processes and enables cost-effective provision of an omni-channel experience that delights customers and improves their long-term loyalty. Find out more at

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