Data Readiness and the Importance of Personalization


Are You Getting Maximum Value From Your Customer Data?

Leverage Data To Drive Personalization and Achieve Excellent Customer Engagement

Let Doxim help you leverage your data to create personalized communications that improve customer engagement and deliver results.

Whatever your primary objective - improve response rates, enhance your data, hyper-personalize your communications - our data experts can help you maximize the success of your communication strategy.

Data Security

Doxim understands the high priority that is placed on managing sensitive customer data and we have developed specific, corporate-wide protocols for data and physical facilities and infrastructure security.

The transmission and storage of sensitive customer data is monitored and protected with a sophisticated firewall and encryption technology.

Data is processed in a fully-redundant server environment in multiple modern and secure data centers. Our employees are also trained to maintain the highest level of security and privacy protection that our clients in regulated industries should expect from their trusted partner.

Find out why Data Security is a #1 priority at Doxim

Use data to improve your reach and personalize your communications

We will leverage our vast experience in working with data to help you:

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Connect to Your Data

Doxim can work with any data source and format as inputs for the creation of documents and communications.

We have designed our platform to be data input-agnostic, and we have extensive experience in integrating with industry-specific data stores, such as core banking or utility customer information systems (CIS).

Icon: Conduct Data Hygiene and Enhancement Initiatives

Conduct Data Hygiene and Enhancement Initiatives

Cleaning and updating your database regularly is critically important, as it directly impacts the success of your communication campaigns.

Leverage our expertise and experience to keep your data current and avoid incurring unnecessary communication costs. We can also enhance your data through ‘Welcome’ and ‘Update Details’ campaigns.

Icon: Collect Contact Details and Preferences

Collect Contact Details and Preferences

Doxim will help you obtain a valid email address directly from your customer, along with the required permission to communicate digitally.

We will also enable you to gather preferences, so that customers receive communications from your organization via their channel of choice, in the format they prefer, and when they’d like to receive them.

Customers are able to update their communication preferences on their own, via online portals integrated with Doxim CCM, so that both the profile details and granular communication preferences are always up to date.

Read Doxim’s Data and Security Brief: