Doxim Announces eReports Certification of CGI’s RFS Banking Platform

Doxim Announces eReports Certification of CGI’s RFS Banking Platform

Doxim Inc., (, North America’s leading provider of web-based eStatement, enhanced statement, document imaging and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions for financial service providers, today announced the completion of certification of Doxim eReports for the CGI RFS™; Banking Platform.`

RFS™ customers receive hundreds of banking system reports every day, many of which need to be reviewed by branch staff and senior managers. For compliance reasons, these reports need to be printed, reviewed, signed-off and then placed into hard copy storage for future access & reference. This time-consuming and tedious process is repeated on a daily basis across all branches. The monthly cost, in terms of staff time spent printing, distributing and physically filing each report is substantial, as is the cost to print them.

Doxim eReports service ingests report print data stream directly from the RFSTM banking system, processing and transforming all the reports into easy to read and manage electronic documents. This means that all report management and review processes can now be handled securely online in a completely paperless environment.

Doxim eReports for RFS™ is available in three service tiers; Standard, Enhanced and Custom.

Standard Service

Provides for simple report data stream transformation to text files format, followed by file upload to a predefined, secure index structure on Doxim Enterprise Content Manager.
Enhanced Service

By moving up a tier to the Enhanced Service all report files that are subject to review, comments and endorsement are transformed and loaded as PDF files into the secure Doxim ECM archive for review by authorized individuals.

Automatic workflows then route select reports through the review cycle allowing the whole process to be completed online, without a single report page ever having to be printed. In addition, all read and review permissions are pre-defined and configured in Doxim ECM so that only authorized staff can access them, ensuring security and privacy of internal financial information.

Custom Service

The customized service tier allows the financial institution to define, report by report, exactly which reports are subject to workflow and which reports are sent direct to archive without review.

The Enhanced and Customized service tiers also include time and date stamping for all annotations and sign-offs that are added to reports during the review process. This provides a complete and transparent audit trail of all report interactions. And, because all reports are stored online, the audit process is greatly facilitated; the auditor can be granted access to view all reports via simple web browser from a local PC or even remotely via a secure internet login.

Go to Market

Doxim had partnered with CGI to bring eReports for RFSTM to market and CGI will act as sales lead for the new offering for all RFS TM clients. Contact your CGI representative today to learn how eReports can help you streamline your processes and positively impact your bottom line.

Executive Quotes:

“Since moving to Doxim’s eReports I can manage my time more efficiently. Our old approach was manual and extremely time consuming, as staff had to print and distribute all the reports. The new system allows us all to work around our own schedules. I can review the reports and promote them to the secondary review before our doors open for business. I also enjoy the fact that I can easily track reports to see if other staff members are dealing with them in a timely fashion. The notes function allows the staff to communicate with one another without interrupting their workday and leaves a permanent record should we need to retrieve the report in the future. In addition, our branch supply requirements are gretly reduced as our paper consumption has decreased dramatically. If I had to sum up my feelings in three words or less…. I LOVE IT”.
Amie Mitchell, Branch Manager, Sydenham Community Credit Union

“The average RFSTM financial institution receives many thousands of reports every month, with over 50% of these reports subject to review, markup, comments and endorsement. This is a hugely time consuming and costly paper intensive process. eReports for RFSTM will save these institutions thousands of dollars every year, while greatly speeding up daily report processing, releasing key staff to focus on other tasks.”
Chris Rasmussen, President & CEO, Doxim

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About Doxim:

Doxim Inc. provides a full suite of enterprise content management products and services that together provide a web-based alternative to the printing and mailing of customer-centric documents such as statements, reports, client records, cheque images and transaction records. Doxim serves the financial services provider marketplace across North America, with over 300 clients in banking, credit unions and wealth management. These organizations work with Doxim to improve their client communications, streamline document access, meet compliance requirements, and reduce the expense, work effort and environmental impact associated with the creation, delivery and archiving of business critical documents. Doxim is a SAS 70 and CICA 5970 certified organization. Find out more at

Media Contact:
Sean O’Donovan, V.P. Marketing, Doxim Inc.
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