Introducing Doxim’s new CRM platform

Introducing Doxim’s new CRM platform

CRMWith our recent acquisition of Neocog Technologies, we’ve added several new products to our offering, making it easier than ever to improve the customer experience with Doxim solutions.

One of these products is Neocog’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. This is a front-line member relationship management solution designed for credit unions that offers a robust 360 degree view of members including rich member profile information. It automates sales and service campaign prompts at all touch points, ensuring no sales or service opportunity is lost.


  •  Multi-channel access to customer information
  • Efficient capture, retrieval and communication of customer contacts
  • Automation of targeted marketing offers at the point of sale
  • Capture and storage of sales process and results
  • A primary access point for multiple customer databases and analytical tools used for sales & service
  • Access to specific and relevant customer profile information for all areas of the organization

The addition of a CRM platform to the Doxim family of Customer Communications Management products will help our clients understand their customer base better and track the results of their multi-channel marketing campaigns easily, making marketing campaigns more sophisticated and personal than ever before. We invite you to contact us for more details about this exciting new product.

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