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See How Credit Unions Are Finding Success with Enterprise-Wide CRM

June 7, 2020
For credit union leaders today, digital transformation is a key strategic initiative across the board. Increased competition, changing member preferences, and a plethora of new communication channels all complicate this initiative, however, as change leaders find themselves asking which transformation project to tackle first.

Getting Started with Digital Accessibility at your Financial Institution

June 7, 2020
Is your financial institution accessible to the estimated 26% of the population living with some kind of disability1? Chances are good your physical premises, like your branches, have accommodations in place for these individuals.

Increasing Healthcare Quality with Accessible Documents

June 7, 2020
Is your healthcare organization accessible to the estimated 26% of the population living with some kind of disability? Chances are good that your physical premises have a host of accommodations in place for these individuals.

Why CRM for FI needs to be in your tech budget

June 5, 2020
The era of digital transformation in banking offers both new opportunities and new competitive threats for credit unions. In response to the ongoing emergence of FinTechs and digital banks, and the increasing expectations of tech-savvy customers, credit union leaders are seeking practical ways to improve their go-to-market strategies and their customer experience across all channels (including in-branch, phone, website, and mobile banking).

Change Management and Encouraging Adoption: the Cultural Shifts Needed for CRM Success

July 23, 2019
The shift to using CRM isn’t just about choosing the right technology. For the best results, CRM needs to be implemented – and used – across your whole organization, which means a cultural shift is necessary, or the success of the project can be jeopardized. In fact, one study by Forrester indicated that more than one-fifth of CRM problems are, in fact, “people problems” of one sort or another.

Customer Communication Management: Meeting Today’s Challenges & Planning for the Future

June 18, 2019
For many financial institutions, customer communications can become an afterthought. If account statements and e-statements, email notifications, and other routine communications are sent to customers in an accurate and timely manner, then leadership is satisfied and may just not give customer communications much more consideration.

Adapting for the Future with CRM

May 23, 2019
Modern financial CRM isn’t just a point solution for marketing or front line service. Deployed enterprise-wide, it can be the engine that powers your digital transformation and helps your bank or credit union reach essential strategic goals.

The Future of Commercial Lending: Doxim experts talk about the state of the industry and what’s next for credit unions

February 11, 2019
Doxim’s own Paul Abdool and Sean Kennelly recently attended the 2018 National Lending Conference put on by the Canadian Credit Union Association. While at the conference, they connected with many credit union leaders about commercial lending and digital loan origination. On their return, they were kind enough to sit down with us and share insights from their conversations.