Wealth Management

Client Engagement for Wealth Management Firms: Making Every Client Interaction Count

Global economic conditions and tighter regulatory standards have contributed to a more complex and challenging landscape for the investment industry. As a result, wealth management firms need to spend more time than ever on core deliverables such as market trend analysis and building wealth for their clients. But firms must also balance these tasks against their perennial need to improve the quality and speed of client services.

The Doxim Difference

Doxim helps you focus more time on your clients while we focus on the documents. We’ve used our deep industry expertise, and feedback provided by our clients and partners to design our Customer Engagement Platform for wealth management firms. This platform provides a significant value proposition to our customers in the wealth management sector, as it improves the client experience, significantly reduces costs, improves efficiencies and improves compliance as well as automates paper and content intensive processes. Here are some of the ways we can help you delight your clients:

Client Interactions that Build Loyalty and Wallet Share

Doxim’s Customer Engagement Platform lets you make an excellent first impression with streamlined, paperless client onboarding and account transfer processes that replace slow, impersonal exercises in form filling. This automation frees your staff up to have goal-based conversations with clients and capture their feedback, setting the stage to increase their engagement with your firm as time goes by.

By analyzing the data you gather during routine interactions with clients, you can define and create powerful, targeted marketing campaigns and send them out via your clients’ preferred communications channels. We can even drop campaign ads right into your statements.

Communications Your Clients Love to Read

Many wealth management firms sadly admit that their client statements and reports are difficult to read, expensive to produce, and full of impersonal jargon. They simply don’t help your firm drive a positive brand image, improve the client experience, build loyalty, or maximize the lifetime value of the client.

An enhanced statement solution will help transform these critical client communication vehicles into easy to read, tailor-made documents with integrated, personalized 1:1 marketing zones. Your clients will enjoy the experience of receiving statements created just for them through their preferred channels, improving their experience with your wealth management firm and increasing the chances they’ll adopt more of your products and services.

Additionally, Doxim can also help you ensure your trade confirmations and other client communications, which are crucial symbols of industry compliance and trust, are being distributed month in and month out in both online and print forms with accuracy, speed and efficiency. We can even help you streamline and automate your Year End Tax processing activities.