Service Providers

Customer Engagement for Service Providers: Helping Your Clients Grow

At Doxim, we have a long history of partnering with service providers in the financial services sector, and we’ve leveraged feedback provided by our partners, coupled with our own deep industry expertise to design our modular Customer Engagement Platform to meet the needs of our financial services clients. You can offer your clients access to any or all of the modules of this flexible, SaaS-enabled platform, helping them improve the customer experience, significantly reduce costs, improve efficiency and compliance and automate paper and content-intensive processes. Here are some of the popular ways service providers use our technology:

Online and Offline Document Production and Delivery

Doxim’s multi-tenant applications for customer communications processing and enterprise content management are ideally suited to Service Providers/ Independent Service Organizations. These products help automate multi-channel document composition, conversion, routing and output, from the marshaling of source data files to the time output documents are printed and/or uploaded onto Doxim’s integrated online document repository, Doxim ECM.
Your client firms will appreciate how their statements, trade confirmations, tax forms and other client communications, which are crucial symbols of industry compliance and trust, are being distributed accurately, speedily and efficiently online and in print, month in and month out.

Other Services and Solutions

As a service provider, you likely also want to offer other best-in-breed technology solutions to your client firms.  With Doxim solutions, your clients can make an excellent impression with applications like our streamlined, paperless client onboarding and account transfer software, or our loan origination solutions, both of which replace slow, impersonal exercises in form filling with a streamlined digital process. And because the Doxim Customer Engagement Platform is fully integrated and SaaS enabled, you can extend your technology offerings by adding different Doxim applications as your client’s needs evolve.