Customer Engagement for Banks: Going Digital, Staying Personal

More than ever, banks need to find ways to improve the customer experience. But as customer engagement becomes fragmented across multiple channels, providing consistently excellent customer interactions becomes increasingly challenging, especially online.

Faced with historically low interest rates and competition from non-traditional financial services providers, banks are working harder than ever to understand their digitally oriented customers, and how best to serve them and maximize their lifetime value. They are also realizing the need to understand the opportunities to better analyse customer data and create more targeted communications as a growing number of members are expecting personalized, more relevant marketing offers rather than the generic blanket campaigns.

Doxim Can Help

For fifteen years, Doxim has been a market leader in customer engagement solutions for banks and other financial services organizations. Doxim services the needs of hundreds of banks and credit unions in North America, and to facilitate these relationships, we’ve forged strategic partnerships and integrations with dozens of leading banking and brokerage platform providers.

We’ve used our deep industry expertise, and feedback provided by our clients and partners to design a comprehensive Customer Engagement Platform for financial services firms. This platform provides a significant value proposition to our customers in banking, as it helps improve the customer experience, significantly reduces costs, improves efficiencies and improves compliance as well as automates paper and content intensive processes. Here are some of the ways it can help you delight your customers:

Customer Interactions that Build Loyalty and Wallet Share

Doxim’s Customer Engagement Platform lets you make an excellent first impression with streamlined, paperless customer onboarding and loan origination processes that replace slow, impersonal exercises in form filling. This automation frees your staff up to have goal-based conversations with customers and capture their feedback, thus setting the stage to increase their engagement with your bank as time goes by.

By performing data analysis on all the information you gather during routine interactions with customers, you can define and create powerful targeted marketing campaigns and send them out via your customers’ preferred communications channel.

Communications Your Customers Love to Read

Many banks sadly admit that their customer statements and reports are difficult to read, expensive to produce, and full of impersonal jargon. They simply don’t allow them to communicate effectively with their diverse customer base.

Doxim’s statement solutions will help transform these critical customer communication vehicles into easy to read, tailor-made documents with integrated, personalized 1:1 marketing zones. Your customers will enjoy the experience of receiving statements created just for them, improving their experience with your bank and increasing the chances they’ll adopt more of your products and services.