Industries Served

Focused on Financial Services & Regulated Industries

Doxim’s Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) provides end-to-end modular customer engagement solutions to a broad range of financial service providers including banks, credit unions and wealth management firms. We are also proud to provide our rich Statement & Document Solutions to other regulated industries, including insurance, healthcare, government, and municipalities.

The unique modular architecture of the Doxim CEP allows to solve a pressing business or operational challenge and then expand to continue improving the business.The individual solutions can be adopted in any order, and will remain seamlessly integrated.


Banks rely on Doxim’s Account Opening and Loan Origination application services to offer customers best-in-class account and loan application experiences. They also benefit from Doxim’s statement solutions, used to create, compose and output targeted and personalized customer communications. In the branch and online, Doxim CRM and Business Analytics help staff engage meaningfully with customers, provide great services, and suggest products and services that customers genuinely need.

Credit Unions

For credit unions, providing a great member experience is essential. Doxim solutions help credit unions streamline the internal processes associated with member onboarding, loan origination and tax form preparation, so the focus remains on the member and not on the paperwork. Credit Unions also use Doxim’s statement solutions to create, compose and output targeted and personalized member communications with integrated marketing messages. Doxim CRM and Business Analytics are also essential to many credit unions in order to ensure consistent delivery of excellent member experience across all channels and locations.

Wealth Management

Doxim’s Customer Engagement Platform is designed to meet the specialized content delivery requirements of the wealth management and investment brokerage sectors. By providing client onboarding automation, better looking client communications and more flexible and efficient access to online documents like statements and confirms, customer service is enhanced, staff efficiency is improved and bottom line costs for printing storing and mailing hard copy documents are reduced dramatically. Business analytics and targeted marketing campaigns make it easier for wealth management firms to engage meaningfully with clients, increasing their loyalty and maximizing their lifetime value.

Regulated Industries We Serve

In regulated industries, delivering transactional customer communications and documents on time, reliably, and consistently is a mandatory requirement. Doxim is proud to offer the expertise and infrastructure to support the most advanced document composition, processing, production and delivery needs. From utility bills, property tax bills and assessments, to healthcare notices, letters, and government communications, we offer reliable and cost-effective document solutions. Please visit our Statement & Document Solutions webpage to learn more.