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How to unify your back office with enterprise CRM that is purpose-built for credit unions and community banks

See how CRM for credit unions and banks can offer single view of the customer and offer centralized access to all data between core systems.

How to unify your back office with enterprise CRM that is purpose-built for credit unions and community banks

Credit unions and banks want to provide a unified customer experience across all channels, locations, and lines of business. But this desire is often complicated by what’s going on behind the scenes and the technology in place. Merger activity often means that financial institutions have more than one banking core system in the back office, and customer data isn’t shared across the enterprise.

By Olga Zakharenkava

How can these organizations get a single view of the customer, without having access to all data between their core systems?

One solution financial institutions should consider is an enterprise-wide CRM, which, when used strategically, will bridge gaps in the back office.

What are the benefits of using CRM in this way? Well, here is half a dozen to get you started:

  1. Understand your customers, by integrating all their information– from legacy systems to in-branch interactions– into a single location. This makes it simple to share a unified customer view with all customer-facing employees. The right CRM for credit unions and community banks will even work on mobile devices, so your mobile workforce has the same rich customer information as your in-branch employees.
  2. Sell more effectively by using insights gained from CRM-driven customer analytics to identify the right offer for each customer and to queue it up at the right channel. You’ll never miss another sales or service opportunity! Enterprise-wide CRM also streamlines referrals across lines of business.
    Enhance customer service by automating best practices across your entire community financial institution. Customer service improves exponentially when your staff have an intuitive way to see a customer’s interaction history.
  3. Offer a unified customer experience across all lines of business, brands, locations, and channels. Behind the scenes, your CFI may well be made up of a variety of merged institutions – but your customers will never know. They’ll have a consistent, positive experience, regardless of where or how they do their banking.
  4. Reduce your IT burden. Maintaining legacy core systems eats up IT hours, as does update homegrown CRM solutions. Once an enterprise-wide CRM solution that is built with CFIs in mind is configured, the heavy lifting is done, and the data in your older systems is available to business users in real time, without IT intervention. And, if your new CRM solution is cloud-based, your technology provider will take care of maintenance and updates as well, so you can use your valuable IT resources elsewhere.
  5. Replace point solutions. Often, community banks and credit unions have a variety of solutions managing aspects of the customer relationship. Replacing these point solutions with a single, comprehensive CRM solution can save everyone from your training department to your IT team money and time. And using only one solution for customer relationship management will make your relationship managers more productive as well since they’ll be able to focus on the customer, not on flipping between solutions to complete tasks.

A simpler way to rationalize your back office

Nobody wants to undergo a back-office rip and replace project, even if the result would be less siloed data and better customer experience. Thankfully, with enterprise CRM, there’s an easier way to arrive at the goal of unifying customer data without having to replace core systems.

To get real-world insight into what a successful CRM implementation looks like, watch the First West Credit Union team talk about their journey. You’ll discover how First West used Doxim CRM to streamline their back office and get a more unified view of their members.

Watch them tell their story now!


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