How To Get Executive Buy-In: Sell Your CRM Project In 60 Seconds

How To Get Executive Buy-In: Sell Your CRM Project In 60 Seconds

Online LoansYou just stepped into the elevator with the VP of Operations. The executive is complaining about another late night trying to troubleshoot an in-branch service problem. One that results from legacy systems and too many manual processes that directly impact the ability to deliver superior member service.

Here is your chance to get executive buy-in and offer some ideas on how to resolve these issues:

  • Leverage a real, immediate issue. Start by addressing how the service problem is symptomatic of
    larger business process issues and underline the importance of having a seamless member experience
    across channels at your credit union. Use the issue to talk about the need to find a long-term solution to
    a problem the whole office wants resolved.
  • Acknowledge the issue at all levels. Carefully acknowledge the impact of the service problem on the
    executive’s goals for their department and your credit union. Demonstrate that you understand how the
    issue is recurring in various ways throughout the organization and affecting overall performance.
  • Clearly outline how CRM can improve performance. Specifically address how the problem could
    be resolved with CRM. Make a clear and compelling case for how it can specifically improve
    performance for the department and the entire organization, including helping the executive in their job.
  • Align messaging with the business strategy. Always talk about CRM in a way that is aligned with the
    overall business strategy. It should be clear how a possible CRM solution adds value to your members,
    supports organizational KPIs, departmental targets and long-term membership growth.
  • Sell the idea of a working group to explore CRM. Don’t try to sell CRM as the one-and-only
    solution to the recent issue at your credit union. Instead, sell the idea of setting up a small working
    group to explore CRM, that’s it. All you are pitching is getting a few people together to talk about it.
  • Overcome objections. Like any good salesperson, you will need to overcome common objections.
    Yes, CRM can be complex and difficult to implement, but not if you find a tailored, proven solution for
    credit unions. Yes, CRM can be costly and time-consuming, but not as much as service problems that
    result from inefficient legacy manual processes.
  • Close by asking to confirm follow-up. Remember, you are selling the idea to explore CRM as a
    solution. After you’ve laid out the benefits, overcome objections and reiterated the need for long-term
    planning to support the overall member experience, ask if you can send the executive a follow-up
    email proposing next steps for exploring a CRM project.

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