Customer Communications & 
Engagement Solutions

Transform your customer experience

Doxim helps organizations in financial services and regulated industries create high-value customer relationships and transform their business by digitizing all the right moments along the customer journey.

Our technology enables customer communications and helps drive meaningful customer engagement. The Doxim’s Customer Engagement Platform offers a suite of integrated solutions that help organizations on a path to transformational growth.

Doxim Customer Engagement Platform

Integrated suite | Focused on customer value | Best-of-breed | Ecosystem integrations

Engagement Technology

Our financial services clients access the entire Customer Engagement Platform including customer communications and purpose-built customer engagement solutions that surround their core systems creating the optimal, best-of-breed technology architecture.

Customer Communications

Doxim’s long-term partnership with clients in regulated industries focuses on Customer Communications management and our best-in-class ability to enable digital transformation.

Client Success

We consistently received great service from Doxim and as a result, have recently expanded our relationship, adding more products and services from the Doxim portfolio.

The Doxim ECM system has excellent uptime and it always available when we need to access it. All the Doxim staff are friendly and look after any questions we may have, promptly and courteously.

The staff at Doxim are easy to work with, respond efficiently and effectively and consistently demonstrate that they really understand our business needs. Doxim committed to meet targets, and succeeded consistently. In all areas Doxim met or exceeded expectations.

With this web-based system, there was no learning curve because the system highlights mandatory fields and automatically checks for errors. When we demo it to prospective advisors, they get excited about the technology. We regularly use it as a recruitment tool to attract new advisors!

The Doxim Difference

  • Dedicated to financial services and regulated communications
  • SaaS technology for engagement, state-of-the-art customer communications solutions
  • Rapid growth backed by investments in product, innovation, and people
  • Startup energy inside an experienced stable organization with proven success
  • Roadmap driven by clients
  • Compliant, reliable, award-winning partner