Go Digital to Help Your Advisors Win over Self-Directed Investors

Go Digital to Help Your Advisors Win over Self-Directed Investors

Intelligent reportsIn a recent report entitled “Think Digital First: Helping Self-Directed Investors Embrace Personal Advice,” CEB TowerGroup analysts identify an opportunity for advisors to grow their client base by taking on previously self-directed investors who may be receptive to working with a professional in the next year.  The report is full of insights into the characteristics of these “receptives,” including details of their channel preferences and buying behaviors. Subscribers to CEB TowerGroup reports can find all the details here.

How can you help your advisors win over this group of self-directed investors, and what technology offerings will help them do it? Well, as CEB TowerGroup analysts indicate, these potential clients want a great digital experience, but they also want an experience that exceeds what they’d find with a robo-advisor, so using digital and mobile technologies as a gateway to client engagement is a strategy that should work well.

The research brief also suggests that tapping into this market can be facilitated by a polished advisor social media presence, so new, apprehensive clients can educate themselves without too many in-person meetings. If you don’t already have social media resources available to your advisors, there are a variety of materials online, but we really like this microsite from, which offers articles on using social media professionally while following the rules set out by legal and compliance departments.

Self-directed investors are a tricky bunch to reach out to – but they also have significant assets and good jobs, so they are great clients for the long haul. If you provide your advisors with the right tools and some social media savvy, this group could represent a great opportunity for them to increase their client base and AUM.

Doxim has a couple of solutions you can offer advisors who are trying to reach self-directed investors and other niche markets. Our solutions include a fantastic client onboarding platform that supports digital onboarding and has integrated e-signatures, and great looking statements available through the client’s preferred channel, at their convenience.  Using tools like these, your advisors can offer a great online experience automatically, and focus their attention on the extras that prove their value to new clients – education, situation-specific advice, and building longer-term rapport. If you’d like to know more about how we can support your efforts to reach niche markets with great long-term prospects, we invite you to explore the resources above, or just give us a call or an email. We’d love to discuss the topic with you!

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