Customer Communication Journey Mapping


When Last Did You Assess Your Customer Communication Journeys To Enhance CX?

Enhance Your Customer Communication Journeys For A Truly Omnichannel CX

Regular reviews of your customer communication journey maps are essential to providing a seamless and omnichannel customer experience (CX).

As a starting point for your CX strategy, use customer communication journey mapping to highlight gaps in your customer touch-points and identify opportunities for communication enhancements, so that you can achieve a truly omnichannel customer experience.

A great CX encourages more engaged customers, which in turn promotes customer retention, improves loyalty and increases a customer’s purchase frequency and total spend.

Optimize your customer experience by ensuring your customer journeys are regularly reviewed and enhanced to drive maximum customer engagement.

Let Doxim experts help you assess and enhance your customer journeys

Customer communication journey mapping with Doxim experts will help you identify the ‘moments that matter’ in your communication, where the gaps lie, and where you should focus your enhancement efforts for maximum impact.

What would a customer communication journey mapping with the Doxim team entail?

  • Reviewing communication across all customer journeys
  • Defining a clear objective and scope for the assessment
  • Consulting with various client representatives to cover all customer touchpoints
  • Ensuring that the customer’s perspective is the center of all discussions
  • Avoiding being constrained by internal operations and technology limitations
  • Using the 80/20 approach to prioritize the most important touchpoints

Following the assessment, your organization will have a map of customer touchpoints that focuses on both quick fixes and longer-term goals within your broader CX enhancement strategy.

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