Engage Customers with Data Driven Personalization and Targeted Messaging

About the Event:

Now more than EVER utilities are under pressure to increase customer connections and synchronize communications. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have accelerated the need for utilities to level-up their customer communications. As your customers expect more from their utilities, how can you keep up?

The Solution:

Learn about Customer Communication Management (CCM) solutions that do the heavy lifting for you and seamlessly promote customer engagement. See firsthand how Fayetteville Public Works Commission leveraged their existing billing data during a bill redesign to rapidly increase customer connections and ROI.

Why Watch?

  • Understand how consumer and customer expectations for engagement have changed in 2021
  • Learn how a bill redesign can drastically improve your customer communications and customer satisfaction
  • See how to deliver personalized communications with the billing data that you already have

Meet the Presenters:

Erin Romo, Vice President, Utilities Vertical Lead

Erin Romo

VP - Utilities Vertical

Bevin Grice, the Director of Customer Service at Fayyetteville Public Works Commission

Bevin Grice

Director of Customer Service
Fayyetteville Public Works Commission

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