Email template designs that drive customer engagement

Email template designs that drive customer engagement

Need high-performing, results-driven email templates? Use Doxim’s innovative design team.

Email template designs that drive engagement and get results

Email template design requires a delicate balance between being appealing to the customer and achieving the desired outcomes.

When combined with the need to adhere to corporate identity and email best practices, it’s clear that email template design is both an art and a science.

Achieve the desired outcomes from your email marketing campaigns through the design of engaging email templates.

Doxim experts can design email templates for you that:

  • Respect your brand identity and support your campaign goals
  • Adhere to email marketing best practices
  • Follow email accessibility best practice guidelines
  • Display across different screen sizes responsively
  • Promote the desired outcomes of the campaign
  • Encourage customer engagement
  • Provide valuable feedback on campaign performance

Whether you need brand new email templates or want to refresh your existing templates, the Doxim design team will make your emails work for you!

Customer using mobile and laptop to access his email

Give your email templates a boost, by using Doxim’s, innovative, creative design services

Doxim’s design team creates email templates that look great and work responsively across all devices.

Our team are experts in adhering to corporate branding requirements, email best practice and accessibility guidelines.

Incorporate multimedia and visual elements that assist the customer in navigating the information and understanding the intended message.

Let us be your email marketing and digital brand partner:

Icon: Digital books and catelogs

Digital books and catelogs

Deliver brand experiences that are rich in storytelling and visual stimulation.

We create personalized, interactive digital books and catalogs that engage customers with meaningful animation, video and social media integration.

Icon: Responsive landing pages

Responsive landing pages

Promote conversions and generate leads.

The layout, length, color usage and subtle design cues work together to drive conversions and support lead generation. Our responsive landing pages incorporate all aspects of design best practice.

Icon: Infographics and visual data displays

Infographics and visual data displays

Enable easy understanding of complex information.

Doxim designers are experts in creating graphic and visual representations of data - infographics, graphs and flow diagrams turn large amounts of content into digestible, bite-sized concepts.