How to Meet the Needs of Digital Lending Prospects

How to Meet the Needs of Digital Lending Prospects

LOSIt’s a challenging time to be in the lending business! Lending prospects, particularly younger ones, are growing ever more demanding. Today, they expect to be able to apply for a loan outside of branches, and outside of normal business hours.

Doxim staff working with credit union and banking clients often find themselves in conversations about how to meet these changing customer needs. Our clients are acutely aware that if their lending isn’t up to snuff, they risk losing customers to digital loan disruptors and financial institutions with more developed online and mobile offerings.  On the other hand, if their products and services meet the needs of digital customers, the opportunities for profit are very enticing.

In response to the banking sector’s changing needs, we’ve recently rolled out new SaaS-enabled Doxim Loan Origination, and we wanted to let our blog readers know a bit about it. Designed in conjunction with our bank and credit union advisory board, this exciting new product is an all-in-one digital lending solution. It incorporates all their must-haves, including the following new features:

  • A cloud-based, mobile interface, so credit unions and banks can mobilize their lenders to process loans anywhere, anytime on their tablets or laptops.
  • A SaaS distribution model, so organizations can have access to a top-notch loan processing solution at a predictable monthly cost, without the headaches of maintaining hardware.
  • Integrated eSignature support to enable true, straight-through paperless loan processing.
  • A workflow that streamlines lending into only five easy steps.
  • A new enhanced view of customer finances which empowers lenders to understand customer needs better than ever before.
  • Umbrella loan support, so customers can apply for multiple lending products, secured by the same collateral, all in one application.

If you’d like to see Doxim Loan Origination in action, click here for a free demo.

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