Doxim Releases V6.1 of Market-Leading Content Management Suite

Doxim Releases V6.1 of Market-Leading Content Management Suite

Doxim Inc., North America’s leading provider of web-based e-statement and document imaging solutions to financial service providers (including banks, credit unions and brokerage firms), announces the General Release of V6.1 of Doxim Enterprise Content Manager (ECM).

With this latest release Doxim has added a raft of new capabilities to Doxim ECM including a new eInserts capability, improved audit trails and reporting and enhanced ease of use functionality.

New eInsert Support

Doxim’s new eInsert capability allows electronic inserts to be appended to an electronic statement. This means that organizations can now deliver marketing inserts and corporate newsletters to customers that have opted out of receiving paper statements. The eInsert and newsletter content is stored in Doxim ECM and appended to the eStatement PDF when the eStatement is opened so that the insert can be viewed online. This allows Doxim clients to extend the reach of their insert and newsletter programs to include all customers vs. just those that receive paper statements.

Improved User Audit Trails and Reporting

The audit trail functionality in Doxim ECM has been enhanced to include comprehensive tracking of all ‘before’ and ‘after’ values for all modified data at both user and document levels. A new reporting capability has also been added making it easy to obtain audit reports on a one-off or recurring basis. These reports greatly enhance an institution’s ability to demonstrate regulatory compliance and better meet audit requirements. The Doxim ECM audit trail meets and exceeds the compliance requirements of The Canadian General Standards Board: Electronic Records as Documentary Evidence standard.

Ease Of Use Enhancements

Doxim ECM version 6.1 includes several enhancements that contribute to improved ease of use. Notable among these are:

Enhanced Image Viewing (TIFF to PDF)

Doxim ECM now converts TIFF images to PDFs when a user clicks to view them. This allows users to view checks and other images stored in the Doxim ECM repository using their standard PDF viewer. As a result, users no longer need third party viewer applications or browser add-ons to view images in the Doxim ECM archive. Users also benefit from the advanced image viewing capabilities inherent in the PDF viewer like pan and zoom.

Enhanced Searching

Search functionality has been extended to provide users with much greater flexibility in the way searches can be executed. A new drop down field has been added to the simple search function, allowing searches to be performed on specific field types vs. all fields at once. Advanced searching has also been enhanced, allowing administrators to specify the fields that are accessible in advanced searches to align searches with the most commonly used metadata elements in their user base.

Globally, these changes make searching in Doxim ECM much more efficient, provide more targeted and therefore more meaningful search results, and therefore lead to increased user productivity.

Doxim is commencing roll out of version 6.1 of the Doxim ECM to its Software as a Service client base from November 2010 onwards.

Executive Quote:

“Doxim works hard to stay tuned to the ‘voice of the customer’, to help us identify the product enhancements that will bring most benefit to users,” said Chris Rasmussen, President and CEO of Doxim Inc. “This latest release adds many new features and functions suggested by our clients.”

Chris Rasmussen, President
& CEO, Doxim

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Media Contact:

Sean O’Donovan, V.P. Marketing, Doxim Inc.
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