Doxim Releases Spring 2019 Enhancements to Market-Leading Customer Engagement Platform

Doxim Releases Spring 2019 Enhancements to Market-Leading Customer Engagement Platform

Doxim (, the leading customer communications and engagement technology provider serving financial and regulated markets, today announced the availability of the Doxim Customer Engagement Platform Spring 2019 Release, with new enhancements to help clients improve both their end customer experience and the user experience of their employees.

Doxim’s Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) is a suite of integrated SaaS solutions that enable multi-channel communications and engagement throughout the customer journey including:

  • Account Opening & Loan Origination
  • Client Onboarding
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Document, Statement & Reporting Solutions
  • Enterprise Content Management

The Spring 2019 release deepens regulatory compliance, improves efficiency and user experience, and increases connectivity between the Doxim CEP and the complex network of data sources and systems that make up the back office of many financial and regulated industry institutions.

“This spring, the Doxim team has focused on four important areas of our technology roadmap to deliver meaningful enhancements across our Customer Engagement Platform,” said Greg Fenton, SVP of Product Management at Doxim. “We’ve improved user experience and user productivity, expanded self-serve capabilities, met several new regulatory requirements, and created efficient processes and workflows that cross application functional boundaries. Having more open connectivity to 3rd parties allows Doxim clients to make use of diverse data sources to realize more value from their CEP implementation than ever before.”

Doxim Spring 2019 Release

Specific enhancements to Doxim solutions in this release include:
Improving Efficiency – Doxim has streamlined common workflow processes within Doxim CRM to improve user efficiency. For example, for organizations who have local dialer applications, phone information will now be hyperlinked and trigger outbound calls through the client’s local dialer application, so employees no longer have to toggle between multiple screens to complete their work.

Enhancing Customer Self-Serve Capabilities – Financial institutions providing self-serve account opening will benefit from several new improvements to Doxim Account Opening. Key functionality includes:

  • Direct integration to core banking systems so customer applications can be uploaded automatically without manual intervention        
  • Decision engine support for faster account opening
  • Embedded ID verification as part of the self-serve workflow
  • Automatic due diligence information capture

Meeting Compliance Needs – The Spring 2019 release of the Doxim Customer Engagement Platform includes several important compliance enhancements. For clients in wealth management, Doxim has added ECM support for immutable data storage, which is an SEC Section 17.4 compliance requirement. Banks and credit unions will benefit from accessible HTML statement capabilities, helping Doxim’s clients in the US meet ADA mandates.

More Powerful Commercial Lending – With this release, Doxim also continued its investment in  Doxim Commercial Loan Origination by strengthening its capabilities to allow customers to dynamically generate documents. The Doxim product team has also focused efforts on improving the user experience.

Increasing Connectivity Having more open connectivity to 3rd parties allows Doxim clients to achieve more and broaden the horizon of what can be accomplished with the Doxim CEP. The spring 2019 release of Doxim CRM sets the groundwork for a richer network of vendor API connectors as well as providing customers with self-managed API access by including engagement APIs for notification prompting.


The Spring 2019 Release is available now for new SaaS customers.

About Doxim:

Doxim is the customer communications and engagement technology leader serving financial and regulated markets, providing omnichannel document solutions and transforming experiences to strengthen engagement throughout the entire lifecycle. The Doxim Customer Engagement Platform helps clients communicate reliably and effectively, improve cross-sell and upsell opportunities, and drive increased loyalty and wallet share through personalized communications. The platform addresses key digitization, operational efficiency, and customer experience challenges through our suite of plug-and-play, integrated, SaaS software and document technology solutions. Learn more at

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