Doxim Completes 2011 with Record Net Promoter Score of 63%, One of The Highest in The Industry

Doxim Completes 2011 with Record Net Promoter Score of 63%, One of The Highest in The Industry

Doxim Inc., the leading provider of cloud-based Enterprise Content Management and Advanced Document Processing services for Financial Service Providers, today announced that it finished 2011 with an all-company Net Promoter Score of 63%. This places Doxim among some of the best performing companies on the planet (Sony 46%, Google 53%, Southwest Airlines 59%, Amazon 70% and Apple 72%)

The Net Promoter Score is obtained by asking customers a single question on a 0 to 10 rating scale, where 10 is “extremely likely” and 0 is “not at all likely”. Customers are then categorized into one of three groups: Promoters (9–10 rating), Passives (7–8 rating), and Detractors (0–6 rating). The percentage of Detractors is then subtracted from the percentage of Promoters to obtain a Net Promoter score (NPS). An NPS that is positive (i.e., higher than zero) is felt to be good, and an NPS of +50 is considered excellent.

For several years Doxim has followed the Net Promoter Score process to to continuously measure levels of customer satisfaction, which it believes provides the most objective approach to gathering customer feedback on how well Doxim performs. The question that Doxim uses to measure its own NPS is “How likely are you to recommend Doxim to others?”

Each client is surveyed one time per year, with clients split across 4 quarterly survey groups. This allows Doxim to measure the pulse of its client base on an ongoing basis and adjust its activities accordingly.

In 2011 Doxim also introduced a subset NPS process to measure customer satisfaction after each Professional Service engagement. This again provides a necessary feedback loop that helps the organization to identify the specific areas where it needs to make improvements.

Executive Quotes:

“We have been passionate about constantly measuring customer satisfaction and using the results to drive improvements in the organization. For Doxim to receive a Net Promoter Score of 63% is a great accomplishment. This is a marked improvement over the already excellent 57% we achieved in 2010 and indicates that we are continuing to do a lot of things right at Doxim for our customers.”
Chris Rasmussen, President and CEO, Doxim

About Doxim

Doxim builds and delivers cloud-based Enterprise Content Management and advanced document processing services for Financial Service Providers and their outsourcing partners. These solutions are used by thousands of clients in banking, credit unions, wealth management and brokerage to create, deliver and manage business critical documents and content more efficiently and cost effectively. Doxim’s solutions help these organizations to improve client communications, streamline document access and meet the stringent compliance requirements associated with transactional document output and delivery. Doxim is an SSAE16/CSAE 3416 compliant organization. Find out more at

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