Doxim Announces Support For Central 1/MemberDirect E-Documents Initiative

Doxim Announces Support For Central 1/MemberDirect E-Documents Initiative

Doxim Inc., the leading provider of web-based e-statement and document imaging solutions for Canadian Credit Unions and their Service Providers, announces support of the planned E-Document capabilities being offered by Central 1 to its Credit Union customers via the MemberDirect™ online banking portal.

E-Documents allows financial institutions to expose documents such as tax documents (including T5’s, T4’s), cheques, renewal documents (including term and loan renewals), and marketing material to their members via MemberDirect™ online banking.

The E-Documents initiative represents another joint development initiative between Doxim and Central 1 to enhance document access via MemberDirect™ for Credit Union members.

Working in tandem with mutual clients, Doxim and Central 1are enhancing their API’s, allowing any type of document or file within the Doxim repository to be exposed to members through the MemberDirect™ banking portal.

By providing broad-based online document access via MemberDirect™, Doxim and Central 1 will help hundreds of their shared Credit Union clients across Canada usher in a new era of e-only accounts and relationships for their members. By transitioning to the new E-Documents offering, these Credit Unions will significantly enhance the web-based offerings that they can provide to their membership.

The Doxim E-Document service will enter field testing in Q4, 2010, with general availability scheduled for Q1, 2011.

Benefits of E-Documents

Credit Union Benefits

  • Reduced costs for postage and customer service to deal with calls or bank visits by members
  • Increased traffic to their online banking site
  • Credit Union can decide what documents they want to expose via the MemberDirect™ portal
  • Higher level of member service through convenient online access to financial documents
  • Greater member satisfaction by providing an environmentally sound solution

Member Benefits

  • Faster and more convenient delivery of documents
  • Electronic archiving of documents, which are legally viewed as the equivalent to paper documents
  • Ability of download documents as PDF files
  • Ability to save and print documents locally

Executive Quotes:

“The Central 1 E-Documents initiative represents the culmination of several years of close collaboration between Doxim and Central 1 to enhance and expand document access on the MemberDirect™ Banking portal. Doxim was the original proponent of and catalyst for this long-term vision, so it’s wonderful to see it finally coming to fruition.”

Chris Rasmussen, President & CEO, Doxim

“Members want to do more and more of their banking online and Credit Unions must respond to this growing demand for an ‘e’ only relationship. The E-Documents initiative from Central 1 is a critical development that will help them achieve this.”

Kelly West, Director of Product Management, Central 1 Credit Union

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