Doxim Announces its Next Generation Platform for Customer Communications

Doxim Announces its Next Generation Platform for Customer Communications

From print to digital, Doxim CCM will be the first integrated SaaS technology platform designed to support the entire lifecycle for personalized omni-channel customer communications

Detroit, July 29th, 2020 - Doxim (, the leading customer communications management (CCM) and engagement technology provider serving financial and regulated markets, today announced its strategic direction to deliver the first ever integrated omni-channel platform for customer communications management, bringing print and digital together into a single centralized management system.

Increased expectations of digital-first consumers mean that organizations need to adopt new methods of communication while still delivering a personalized experience. At the same time, many consumers still opt for print, a trusted form of communication which remains strong today.  Organizations need to offer choice. Doxim CCM offers organizations the unique flexibility to optimize the use of all communication channels, from print to digital, with complete end-to-end support from a single reliable partner with modern technology, infrastructure, national presence, scale, security and compliance in place.

“The world is going digital at an incredible pace that continues to accelerate. We know that print is still a choice for many; however, communication strategies must evolve to a more modern approach -  one that reduces costs and can scale,” said Mike Rogalski, President and CEO of Doxim. “Doxim is helping our clients shift to an optimal mix of customer-preferred channels, and we will also take out complexity that has traditionally surrounded the CCM space. We are making it easy to do business with Doxim, switch to our platform, contract with us, and collaborate with us as we continue innovating. We want clients to feel confident and safe outsourcing digital and print communications to Doxim so they can focus on their core business.”

Doxim’s CCM empowers customer experience leaders and business users to truly own the shift from print to digital. To enable its clients to excel in omnichannel communications and realize the business value of all customer interactions, Doxim’s CCM platform includes all capabilities and self-serve tools business users from operations, to marketing, to customer service need to create consistent, personalized, connected customer experiences:

  • Document and communications composition, template, content, and asset management
  • Enterprise content management, archival, and ePresentment
  • Self-serve correspondence management
  • Omni-format documents and communications, including HTML, PDF, and print
  • Omnichannel delivery of communications, including print/mail, email, web, mobile, SMS, IVR, and secure online portals
  • Digital business messaging, customer service messaging and two-way interactions
  • Email marketing and campaign management
  • Advanced customer preferences management and personalization
  • Digital document accessibility
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Billing and payments

Key to the evolution of the CCM platform is Doxim’s commitment to innovation with an increased investment in R&D by 70% over the last year; an amount which will continue to grow. In addition, the company has expanded its professional services and support organizations and has a world-class customer success team driving each successful customer journey from the very first interaction to a multi-year relationship with Doxim as the trusted growth partner.

“I am truly excited about the unique value Doxim CCM can deliver to our clients in all the verticals that we serve,” said Michael Hennessy, CRO of Doxim. “Doxim CCM is different; we offer a modern SaaS software platform, backed by print and digital strategy, and tailored solutions as a single reliable technology partner with strong vision and ability to execute. We have the technology, scale and stability to support our clients while being nimble, visionary and innovative.”

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