Doxim Announces easyCapture

Doxim Announces easyCapture

Doxim Inc., the leading provider of web-based e-statement and document management solutions for small and mid sized Financial Institutions (FIs) across North America, today announced the availability of Doxim easyCapture, a production level capture software that combine robust document scanning and indexing tools with a friendly user-interface that allow users to easily scan, index and upload critical business documents to a centralized document repository (such as Doxim ECM) for secure online access.

Like many organizations, FIs create and receive a large number of paper documents as a function of their daily business activities. Notable among these are things like loan and other customer documents. Once produced, these documents are stored in hard copy filing systems.

Holding all these business critical documents in hard copy format creates several issues for FIs:

Operational Issues

  • Too much employee time spent locating, retrieving and re-filing documents
  • Inability for staff to easily gain access to client files across multiple branches

Financial Issues

  • Excessive costs in retrieving paper documents from offsite storage facilities when required
  • Paper documents stored onsite can be lost in the event of a fire or a flood

Compliance Issues

  • Inadequate security associated with hard copy document filing system
  • Inability to easily locate documents when needed for an audit
  • Inability to efficienctly share Know Your Customer information between locations

By using Doxim easyCapture to scan and index all these documents into an online repository, FI staff can access them in real time, leading to vastly improved customer service levels, greater document security, improved compliance and a reduced need for on-site and off-site hard copy document storage.

“Our customers were asking us for a more cost effective scanning solution to help them put all their hard copy documents online, for easy access,” said Chris Rasmussen, President & CEO at Doxim. “Doxim easyCapture responds to this need, bringing an affordable, easy to use scanning and indexing solution within the reach of even the smallest FI clients, yet is also scalable up to hundreds of locations.”

Doxim easyCapture is seamlessly integrated with Doxim ECM, a comprehensive web-based Enterprise Content Management platform that enables customers to capture, store, search and retrieve all their internal and external facing documents, including, statements, reports, client records, cheque images and transaction records.

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