Doxim Announces Beta Release of Doxim Business Process Manager Version 2.1

Doxim Announces Beta Release of Doxim Business Process Manager Version 2.1

Doxim Inc, a leading provider of web-based e-presentment, archival and e-statement solutions for financial service institutions across North America today announces the Beta Release of Doxim Business Process Manager (BPM) version 2.1.

Doxim BPM is designed for service bureaus to streamline their end-to-end production processing. It automates the management of document composition, conversion, routing and output from the time files are collected and marshaled from various financial, image and scanning systems through to the time that files are uploaded onto an  archive and/or printed.

With Doxim BPM, service bureaus can stop depending on manual processes for these complex repetitive tasks, allowing them to effortlessly scale their businesses to meet the high volume production requirements of current and future financial service and other customers.

“With Doxim BPM we have designed a solution that is tailored to the demands of service bureaus that need to manage high volumes of production jobs and deliver better SLAs to their customers”, said Martin Day, VP Operations at Doxim. “This new version brings a host of new features that were identified and prioritized through close collaboration with our service bureau clients.”

New functionality delivered in BPM version 2.1 includes:

Routing and Bundling – keeps documents with similar preferences and attributes together, allowing them to be routed /delivered based on user defined options, size and weight restrictions, etc. Data for Electronic Statements of Mailing is automatically generated by job and by bundle, significantly reducing costs and improving efficiency for service bureaus.

Package Consolidation – allows for multiple statements or bills to be put in a single envelope and, at the same time, to upload these documents to an electronic archive individually or in groups, with both single and list meta data elements associated with them.

Service Pooling – allows multiple services to be run in parallel, providing production process redundancy as well as improved performance.

Enhanced Template and Stamping Management – facilitates the creation of dynamic statement templates, allowing templates to be pre-designed and deployed on-the-fly for particular demographics or client types.  This unique feature allows for multiple different statement types to be included in the same print run. This differential output capability can also be applied to stamps (e.g. watermarks, logos, etc), allowing different stamps to be included on the electronic file vs. the print file.

New System Architecture – a unique approach to system architecture enhances the protection of confidential client data. This unique architecture also speeds up end-to-end processing of production sized files significantly.

Priority Processing – allows service bureaus to offer different SLAs to different customers based on the customer and the job cycle. A new console provides operators the ability to control multiple jobs simultaneously through a single console view, adjusting job priorities on-the-fly as required to allow high priority jobs to complete first.

Existing key features of Doxim Business Process Manager include:

Multi Job Processing – supports simultaneous multiple document creation processes.

Targeted Marketing – supports dynamic targeted marketing, allowing for selective insertion and selective on-statement marketing messages, definable down to an individual customer level.

Image Matching – includes images directly on both printed and electronic statements, supporting 17 different image layout options – used primarily for check processing.

Automated Image Repair– optimizes the process of image repair by providing operators with image options so that they can easily select the correct image to go with the data.

Doxim BPM interfaces seamlessly with Doxim ECM, a comprehensive web-based Enterprise Content Management and e-presentment platform that enables service bureau customers to capture, store, search and retrieve all internal and external facing documents, including, statements, reports, client records, cheque images and transaction records.

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About Doxim:

Doxim Inc., headquartered in Markham, Ontario, provides a full suite of enterprise content management products and services that together provide a web-based alternative to the printing and mailing of customer-centric documents such as statements, reports, client records, cheque images and transaction records. Banks, credit unions, brokerages, utilities and other organizations across North America are working with Doxim to strengthen communications, improve access, meet compliance requirements, and reduce the expense, work effort and environmental impact associated with the creation, workflow, delivery and archiving of critical documents.

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