Digital & Print Composition

Omnichannel design with ultimate flexibility and control over your content and brand image

Deliver Consistent, Engaging, Compliant Communications

Many organizations still have separate teams dedicated to creating communications for print, mobile, email, and web, leading to operational inefficiency, high costs, inconsistency, and increased regulatory risk. Doxim utilizes an integrated customer communications management technology and infrastructure, which streamlines document composition for increased efficiency and better customer experience.

Customer Success Stories

With Doxim, we never have to jump through hoops! We’ve done our due diligence and looked at other providers, but we always come back to Doxim. Most importantly, we experience no issues - member communications are sent without fail, every time. Doxim team members even find innovative ways to help us resolve issues with other vendors.

Doxim allows us to think outside the box! They’ve allowed us to come up with ways to reduce internal workload, become more green, and cut costs. And they are almost an “invisible vendor” in the sense that Doxim just handles things without needing too much oversight. In that sense, its a seamless relationship – everything is automated and the work is out of our credit union’s hands, and into those of a trusted vendor.

For us, the customer service makes the difference! They are always quick with our projects and responsive to our questions. We've experienced a 50% e-statement adoption rate, which is much higher than industry average. Plus, partnering with Doxim offers us operational simplicity and satisfied members. Our e-statements are out the door the day after we provide the necessary file.

The ability to track our statements is a feature I love. I am able to communicate up-to-date statement information to staff, who in turn communicate it to members. We did not have this feature with our previous statement vendor and not knowing when statements were processed or mailed was frustrating. Plus, statements are arriving earlier than ever before, and Prospera members have noticed the difference. We've received compliments on the new statement layout, and how easy it is to read.

Costs of printing were reduced by over 70% and postage costs were reduced by 80% within 6 months. Following a "go green" campaign, we now have an eStatement adoption rate of 94%. Plus, our staff don’t have to leave their desks anymore, there aren’t piles of checks everywhere, and they can access information immediately. It makes the working environment much more efficient!

Member response has been very positive! Electronic access to e-Statements and checks allow members to securely view, download, and print their own statements from the comfort of their home. Our partnership with Doxim has been a long standing one and they are the first we turned to to investigate and implement. Their direction and commitment to our needs continue to make them the partner of choice.

Doxim saves time with SLAs, which get statements out 3-4 business days earlier! We also experience an immediate cost savings of 15%. Doxim committed to meet targets, and succeeded consistently. As an executive sponsor, I was very satisfied. In all areas Doxim met or exceeded expectations. We had positive client feedback, with immediate uptake of e-presentment over print options.

Doxim has helped us move from paper statements to an eStatement environment, to give us flexibility to update our branding, and present statements in a format that member can access constantly. The Doxim team are a pleasure to work with! They are adaptable, and they are always willing to jump in and help us figure out how to make something happen.

Doxim delivers the full suite of document solutions we need, so it becomes a one-stop shop for us. But even more importantly, their people are as committed to serving us as we are to serving our members. They are willing to commit to our service level and time frames that we require. Now our statements are out sooner, and we're expecting a boost in e-statement adoption as the attractive interface for e-statements is likely to appeal to our members, who have a Silicon Valley mindset.

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