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Delight customers by delivering a consistent experience through all touchpoints, on all channels

Customer Engagement Solutions to Deliver on Your Omnichannel Strategy

Today’s consumers want choices and increasingly choose digital. They want interactions with their credit union, bank, or wealth management firm to be digital as well. This includes all types of engagement, from opening an account to applying for a loan, managing statements, and more.

Doxim helps clients in the financial services industry digitize all the right moments along the consumer journey to connect with and serve today’s consumers, creating better experiences at a fraction of current operating costs.

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Clients Success Stories

Recognizing the changing nature of consumer engagement in financial services, Stride Credit Union had strategically re-positioned itself to review all areas of operations in an effort to intensely focus on an exceptional member experience... that’s when we uncovered how Doxim’s integrated engagement technologies could solve more of our needs than we anticipated!

Doxim Client Onboarding was chosen because of its ability to automate some of the account opening/update functions within our business. Now, customer documentation is now consistent with corporate branding. Changes can be made quickly, and customer information is stored in a secure, central location.

We needed to have meaningful conversations with our members and a place to document those conversations. We wanted Conexus to be fully integrated and perfectly seamless with tools, systems, and information about members. Now we have a centralized place to document and capture interactions and next steps, improving the member experience and increasing sales.

We successfully rolled out CRM to over 1,100 users and eliminated 11 redundant systems which had been used to provide CRM functionality. We now have simpler and more consistent processes for recording member interactions and tracking referrals, which will allow us to provide a high quality advisory experience for our members, across all lines of business.

I implemented and used Doxim Business Analytics for 4 years at First Ontario. I found the product to be extremely useful in providing the organization insights into member behavior and feedback as to the effect of various strategies and tactics. I would recommend the product for any analytic department wishing to have a robust tool to increase visibility into their organization.

Our credit union implemented Doxim Business Analytics a few years ago, and the volume of information that we have access to is outstanding. Doxim is very responsive regarding our requests for learning and development, which has improved our ability to use the program. We are continually learning and, in my experience, the team are invested in ensuring that we have what we need, when we need it.

The engine behind our CRM solution is Doxim Business Analytics.  We are actually looking to expand the use of this product even more in the near future, and have every confidence that it will scale and integrate in whatever manners we choose or require to suit our business needs.

We've been using Doxim Business Analytics for several years. The product is exceptionally user-friendly and greatly improves access to data for marketing purposes. With this tool, the marketing department has grown more independent in producing analytics to drive strategies and to contribute to everyday business decisions. Continued confidence in the success of our marketing initiatives relies on purposeful application of data, and that activity certainly hinges on an inclusive data warehouse and our reporting capabilities.

Frankly, it blew the competitors right out of the water! We’ve experienced concrete and substantial cost savings and efficiency improvements following the implementation of Doxim Loan Origination, making for a rapid return on investment, which our management team and board are very happy about. Staff effort during lending was reduced by 80%, allowing 3 staff members to be relocated to other revenue-generating activities.

Email marketing is a win-win for everyone! After the first email series, we saw an increase in members stating they were extremely satisfied with our service.
Plus, with Doxim Email Marketing, our total # of deposit accounts grew 24%, and total deposit balances increased by over $425,000. The number of active loan accounts almost doubled, and our promotional marketing budget was trimmed by 40%.

Doxim’s ability to integrate into our banking system was a big plus! The fact that their CRM, loan origination, and account opening products all speak to each other efficiently was very appealing. With Doxim Account Opening, we expect to cut operational costs, offer more services online, and delight members with more seamless service interactions. The solution will ensure the time spent with our members during their appointments is focused on their financial needs and goals.

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