Year End Tax

A fully automated, secure electronic tax form processing solution

Automated Tax Form Processing from End To End

Year-end tax form processing is costly and takes excessive amounts of your organization’s time. But year in year out, it has to be done right, complying with all the strict regulatory mandates. Wouldn’t it be great if you could automate this problematic task, streamline it, add value in the process, and save significant print and mail costs en route?

Doxim’s fully automated electronic tax form processing solution is an  service available as part of the Doxim Customer Engagement Platform. From receipt of initial files, right through to insertion into the postal system and/or upload to an online document repository, the Doxim Year End Tax service has it covered. It’s easy-to-use, highly secure, and wraps integrity, flexibility and value around tax form processing, output and delivery, while offering the opportunity for significant savings too.

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Doxim Year End Tax Service Features

Creation & Provision of Annual Instructions

Quickly upload all information need for year-end processing such as instructions, logos, text as well as archive it to be used in subsequent years for quick and easy preparation.

Data Validation

Confirm the accuracy of you data within minutes both via Doxim’s two step validation process.

Tax Form Merges

Doxim Year-End Tax allows multiple form types to be merged into one print output, which in turn allows all the forms to be placed in one envelope, providing significant postage savings.

Electronic Archiving

Doxim Enterprise Content Management system (ECM) enables your staff and clients to access tax forms online, streamlining the reprint process.

On-Demand Access to Production Information

Doxim provides you with access to a trained call center staff, backed up by Doxim’s online production board, providing 24-hour access to production information.

Electronic Forms

Doxim Year-End Tax also allows for the inclusion and usage of embedding electronic forms. This eliminates the cost, effort, and inconvenience involved in ordering, shipping, and warehousing pre-printed forms.


All tax forms processed through Doxim Year-End Tax bear barcodes and are subject to security sequence numbering and dual camera validation to ensure the highest integrity for your sensitive information. All merged tax forms also have a custom printed cover sheet to ensure sensitive data is kept away from the prying eyes.

Client Success

The pilot turned out to be a resounding success! We experienced immediate operational savings of over 26k per annum and a 10 month ROI. We are now expanding the solution within the leasing business unit as well as showcasing the benefits of Doxim document imaging to other departments.  The interest is strong and I would anticipate that many other areas of the business will be looking to take advantage of this capability in the very near future.

With Doxim, we never have to jump through hoops! We’ve done our due diligence and looked at other providers, but we always come back to Doxim. Most importantly, we experience no issues - member communications are sent without fail, every time. Doxim team members even find innovative ways to help us resolve issues with other vendors.

The ability to track our statements is a feature I love. I am able to communicate up-to-date statement information to staff, who in turn communicate it to members. We did not have this feature with our previous statement vendor and not knowing when statements were processed or mailed was frustrating. Plus, statements are arriving earlier than ever before, and Prospera members have noticed the difference. We've received compliments on the new statement layout, and how easy it is to read.

Costs of printing were reduced by over 70% and postage costs were reduced by 80% within 6 months. Following a "go green" campaign, we now have an eStatement adoption rate of 94%. Plus, our staff don’t have to leave their desks anymore, there aren’t piles of checks everywhere, and they can access information immediately. It makes the working environment much more efficient!

Member response has been very positive! Electronic access to e-Statements and checks allow members to securely view, download, and print their own statements from the comfort of their home. Our partnership with Doxim has been a long standing one and they are the first we turned to to investigate and implement. Their direction and commitment to our needs continue to make them the partner of choice.

Doxim delivers the full suite of document solutions we need, so it becomes a one-stop shop for us. But even more importantly, their people are as committed to serving us as we are to serving our members. They are willing to commit to our service level and time frames that we require. Now our statements are out sooner, and we're expecting a boost in e-statement adoption as the attractive interface for e-statements is likely to appeal to our members, who have a Silicon Valley mindset.

We consistently received great service from Doxim and as a result, have recently expanded our relationship, adding more products and services from the Doxim portfolio.

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