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Your customers value their account statements, and they take the time to review them every month. Take advantage of this interest to improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and reduce costs associated with pre-printed inserts by placing targeted, relevant 1:1 marketing messages directly onto statements in both printed and electronic formats. Turning your regulated communications into a vehicle for increased customer engagement is a fantastic way to boost your marketing revenue and improve your customers’ relationships with your organization.

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Enhance the Customer Experience with Targeted Recommendations

Make your customers feel understood by limiting your marketing messages to targeted 1:1 offers for products they could really use. By anticipating customer needs and offering them products and services that resonate with them, you’ll present yourself as a trustworthy financial partner and grow your wallet share at the same time.

Communicate More Effectively With Customers

Maintain your brand identify by offering online and printed statements with a consistent, professional look and feel that corresponds to your branding guidelines. You can further enhance your statements and get more personal with your customers by including details like the hours of their local branch, or the photo and contact information of their primary service representative.

Decrease Your Costs and Carbon Footprint

How much are you paying each month for printed statement inserts that often wind up in the trash, unread? Switch to Doxim Personalized Statement Marketing, and you’ll dramatically reduce the costs associated with printing, storage, and management of statement inserts. You’ll also be able to contribute to corporate green initiatives as you reduce paper usage by eliminating these additional printed marketing materials.

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Winning Strategies For EStatement Adoption

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The Definitive Guide to Statement Redesign

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