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The Easiest Way to Provide Online Statement Access for Your Customers

Offer a higher level of customer service and reduce printing and mailing costs with electronic statements. The Doxim E-Statements solution allows your print documents, like customer statements, reports, and checks to be captured and made available securely though your banking or brokerage portal. This provides both customers and staff with a quick way to access to these documents in a format familiar to the customer.

Increase Customer Convenience and Access to Statements

Empower your customers to securely view, download and print their own statements. They’ll appreciate this convenient method of checking current and past account statements – you can even give them access to archived statements as far back as seven years – or more. We can also help you create statements which are mobile-friendly, so they look great on tablets and smartphones as well as PCs.

Make it quick and easy for staff to locate and retrieve account statements

Ensure employees can respond to customer inquiries by consulting an exact image of the statement without having to sort through print records and follow up after the appropriate record has been located. Pre-built integrations to 20+ banking systems make it simple to generate, store and access your e-Statements.

Reduce Your Costs and Carbon Footprint

Moving customers to e-statements allows you to cut your print and mail costs dramatically. You’ll also experience further cost reductions related to archiving statements electronically, as you can eliminate document storage and transportation costs. Plus, when you reduce your paper usage you can contribute to corporate green initiatives – and that’s something your employees and customers can all feel good about.

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Doxim eStatements Features


Mobile-Responsive Design

Doxim E-Statements can be designed to look great on any mobile device.


Pre-Built Banking System Integrations

Doxim E-Statements integrates with the key core banking systems for quick and easy implementation


Easy access through Doxim ECM

Customers and staff can access e-statements instantly 24/7 through secure, cloud-based Doxim ECM


Built in Messaging Zones

Include targeted marketing and service messages right on your e-statements, boosting your cross-sell rates.


Go Green

Implementing e-statements is a simple way to make a meaningful contribution to your organization’s carbon reduction strategy.


Keep Critical Documents Safe

Storing statements electronically can be an essential part of your disaster recovery and business continuity strategies.


Client Portals

Business-to-business portal to manage every aspect of our partnership in one location with 24/7 access to send transmittals, graphics, and messages to be used on statements.


Mobile Access

Optimized mobile platform to view eStatements on any device for omnichannel consumer experience.



Winning Strategies For EStatement Adoption

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The Definitive Guide to Statement Redesign

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