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CRM 2: What you need to know now

Increased Transparency, Improved Client Relationships

Canadian wealth management firms must extend their client communications in 2016/17 to meet increased regulatory requirements under the second phase of the CSA Client Relationship Model – Phase 2 (CRM2).To meet the requirements of CRM2, firms must provide clients with increased transparency into fees and performance by making changes to account statements and adding two new client reports (at least annually) – an Investment Performance Report and a Charges & Compensation (Fees) Reports. Doxim has been working with wealth management firms for over 15 years and understands how challenging, time consuming and complex compliant reporting can be. We can work with you to design, create and deliver CRM2-compliant statements and reports that are both attractive and easy to understand.

Regulatory Compliance, Now and in the Future

Doxim understands the imperatives surrounding CRM2, and how your data needs to be presented to meet these needs. We can walk you through how your statements and reports need to look. Plus, with Doxim’s unique statement and report composition process, we deliver “document flexibility” – so it is quick and easy to make changes to accommodate new regulations or update designs. And Doxim’s SaaS content management enables document tracking and archiving for future access as well.

Enhanced Customer Experience With Easy to Understand Documents

CRM2 compliant reports contain complex data, which must be presented effectively to provide your customers with the best experience. Doxim’s modern designs mean your statements and reports are attractive, clear and easy to understand, reducing call center inquiries and increasing customer satisfaction.

Cost Savings on Every Report and Statement

The cost of printing and mailing statements and reports continues to increase, so firms like yours are looking for ways to contain costs. With Doxim’s statement and reporting solutions, you can aggregate statements and reports into one document, so they can be delivered in one envelope. Additionally, our statement and report designs present data efficiently, managing the use of white space on each page to reduce your page-count. And of course Doxim also offers eStatement and eReport capabilities, which can be leveraged to eliminate paper and postage costs entirely.

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