Personalized Statement Marketing

Great Looking Statements that Deliver Targeted Marketing Messages

Many financial services organizations create basic printed statements using the data coming directly from their core processing systems. While this is perhaps sufficient to produce a simple paper statement, today’s discerning customers expect more. They want an easy to read, attractive statement that looks the same in print or online.

Personalized Statement Marketing diagram

With Doxim’s Personalized Statement Marketing, you can offer your clients great looking, easy to understand statements. And you can do this while also improving the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns – and reducing costs associated with pre-printed inserts – by placing targeted, relevant 1:1 marketing messages directly onto statements in both printed and electronic formats.

 Enhance the Customer Experience and Improve Communications

Improve Your Marketing Campaigns and the Customer Experience

  • Use targeted 1:1 marketing messages on customer statements to drive cross sell/up sell
  • Anticipate client needs and offer them products and services that resonate with them
  • Decrease customer inquiries and improve the customer experience by making statements easier to understand

Communicate More Effectively With Customers

  • Ensure that online and printed statements have a consistent, professional look and feel
  • Add targeted marketing messages to statements, directed at specific demographics to increase their efficacy
  • Turn your regulated communications into a vehicle for increased customer engagement

Decrease Your Costs and Carbon Footprint

  • Reduce paper usage by eliminating additional printed marketing materials to be included with printed statements
  • Reduce costs associated with printing, storage, and management of statement inserts

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